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Google Analytics Reports.

Google Analytics Reports

We are going to spending the majority of this course exploring what is known as Google Analytics Reports.

Google is organized all of the data its gathered collections of reports and reports are specific to particular a theme.

So, you find the reports something, summarizes your traffic once outline your visitors, came from other focus on contents, and so on so forth.

These reports are the bread and butter in analytics it what makes the platforms so valuable later in this course, I will be looking to each of report, in detail manner, and we will be discussing the how-to each one, what is used for, and where the leverage the report, to be a business objective.

Let’s talk about the reports the encounters gathered that have logged in to google analytics, and you notice here the left hand of the screen.

The reporting section is highlighted this indicates we are in that is going to show us our data, as a result, the account and view the within.

1 reports view of Google Analytics Reports

So, here you can see the data in the centre of my screen and that is because the account is not brand new, this will be changing from time to time, as we carry on to this course.

2 Google Analytics Reports home

But what I want to pay close attention to you, is the navigation here on the left-hand side.

Google Analytics Reports.

You see we have Real-time, and below that, we have the core, categories of our reporting, audience acquisitions behaviours and conversations.

3 navigation reports

Now I tap into one these categories, you can see all of the reports that are available within The sections you see that we can look at active users demographic interface I drill the demographic to go even deeper, into reporting which is the overview, or just ages, or gender, these are your reports.

4 audience

So, let’s talk about these, core categories and you understand what we are going to ourselves.

First, we have our audience reports.

  • Here you see insights that characteristics of your audience.
  • Who they are.
  • What devices they’re using.
  • What their interests are.
  • What their location is.

Next, we are going to talk about it.

Acquisition Reports.

5 acquisition

This is where you find the information that how you acquire users.

  • Reveal where your users are coming from: So were they coming from?
  • Outline their behaviour on the site.
  • Provide their conversation pattern. So how they navigate site before they ss on sale. Or goal conversation

Behaviour Reports.

6 behavior

  • How users interact with our website: everything from contents that how they flow all of the pages.

Finally, have Conversation Reports.

7 conversions

  • Demonstrate how all you channel work together to drive your goals and your sells.

Now you may have noticed within the platform, there are reports, in these categories, so, if I tap in Acquisition.

You notice that we have also seen say, AdWords reports, and this is going to provide us with information.

If you linked AdWords to analytics account, you also see the search engine optimizations report and google provide information about, a web search query that, return to result to your site, and we have to configure to this, we are going to that incoming movies, our social reports, will highlight the impact, and effeteness of your social initiatives.

Now if I scroll down even further I tap to behaviour report.

You see the tone of others, array reports, regards to site content, site speed and even site search.

Finally, I drill into conversations reports.

We can spend some time see the goals, e-commerce if you are using the commerce platforms and we will talk a little bit, multi-channel funnels and attributions do not need to fully understand just how all these reports together just yet, as we work through each report you get the better understanding how we can leverage all the information.

For now, I just want to you familiar with the names of this report and whether located.

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