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Google AdWords Tutorial.

In this Google AdWords Tutorial, I will be talking about the concepts and strategies behind Google AdWords and also, I will be showing you step by step how to set up an account to measuring and optimizing your campaigns.

Google AdWords Tutorial

We will be using some websites, demonstrates ideas and techniques and spend quite a time inside the interface itself. Throughout this course we will be using terminologies specific to Digital Marketing and Advertising as I mean counter new terms and concepts I do my best to explore and I assume to have foundations no understandings such as Cost Per Click, Cost Per Acquisition and click-through rate, and so on.

I have spent several times creating outlining, the concept encountering in this course another thing to note for we begin is that AdWords interface change fairly often you might find that tab name or a button we talk about have moved or even be renamed.

This is nature which is constantly changing product. AdWords may introduce new features and shift element on bringing around the effort to make them better and better.

Now it is my goal the keep this course to update as possible. But you do not see something exactly as appears on my screen.

It is probably not far too away. suggesting taping a new way menu looking unfamiliar icon. See if you can find that. You can ask me any question regarding course (I will provide the resource.)

I know that you are probably eager to know and dive headfirst to create your first advertisement. But we will go and spend the next chapters talking about framework of Google AdWords.

I feel that it is extremely important to know inside in and out what is going on behind the scene. How the process work and how to organized before starting AdWords is a paid platform and save you a considerable amount of money by understanding the ins and outs at the surface.


Google AdWords looks very straight forward but no make mistake. AdWords is an extremely powerful platform used by everyone. Small business to fortunate 500 straight clicks and incorrect settings might spell disasters of your projects.

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