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Front End Technologies

Front End Technologies.

Many web designers refer their self as front end designers if you ever heard that term you probably also heard expression back in, client-side or server-side, with the same discussion.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the Front End Technologies it would be probably helpful to define what front end refers to and what front end design is general.

Front End Technologies

In simplest terms, front end could be referred to UI layer of websites. The things that people see and interact with.

Back end usually describes the process that happens on the server that helps things work clients side and server-side general refer to the same things and often used interchangeably with the front end and back end.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the most common languages for creating front end contents. In the past front in design has reference to the design of any content that does not rely on server-side processing.

Recently, however, more development is being done within the browser is done.

Many of the tasks in the past require the server and now being done in the browser powerful JavaScript Libraries.

 html css js

 front end designer and front end developer

In many cases these terms tend to overlaps, so do not be surprised to see somebody refer to themselves as front end designer or front end developer in really mean exacting the same thing.

front end designer and front end developer detail

As an overall rule that front end designers are more visual designers then as are Programmers.

Languages like HTML, CSS are used to create designs.

Typical Front-End Designer Roles.

  • Creating mockups & developing visual standards.
  • Structuring semantic content.
  • Handling site.
  • Site typography.
  • Page layout.
  • Form design.
  • Interactivity & animation.
  • Creating site imagery.

Obviously this is not a complete list. Some designers have done specializations in the specific area of the front end design.

Some designers have mixed skills for performing broad tasks.

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