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Freeze Panes in Excel.

Freeze Panes in Excel.

It is very important to understand Freeze Panes in Excel. . So, In this article, we will show you how to work the Adjusting worksheets views in Microsoft Excel.

Where we will learn topics like Freezing and unfreezing panes, Splitting screens horizontally and vertically, Collapsing and expanding data views with outlining,  Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks.

Freeze Panes in Excel.

Freezing and unfreezing panes in Freeze Panes in Excel.

Like many lists in excel. Suppose you open any large list when you scroll down the with the keyboard or with the mouse. You notice that you lose top rows.

The title you have used at top rows also going to be hidden during the time of navigation of rows. I mean when you scroll down.

If you want to tick your titles or rows then you have to use Freeze Panes.


Freeze Panes.

Freeze panes

 Free panes example

Note: Freeze Panes can be used both for the Rows and Columns.

For removing  Rows and columns Panes.


Freeze Panes.

Un-Freeze panes.

Un-Freeze panes

Freeze as the column.

Freeze as column

Splitting screens horizontally and vertically.

When you have created a list, and see it sometime advantages to see the table different parts of list same time there is a way to see the feature is called split rather than clicking on them right away. you can insert split everywhere on the list. For doing this do the following steps.




Row and Column both can be spilled.

 Row and Column both can be spilt

Also, row and column both can be spilled.

Collapsing and expanding data views with outlining.



Auto Outline.

 Auto Outline

To hide the menus.

Double click on any menu name like data.

display ribbon options

auto hide

show outlining

Clear the outline.



Clear the outline.

Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks.

If you have more than one workbook open. Sometimes advantages to see. The portion of each workbook and other times.

When you focusing on a single workbook it might be your advantage to be able to see worksheets of that same work.

You can get little confusion time if you do have multiple workbooks to open.


 Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks

Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks 2

Displaying multiple worksheets and workbooks 3

If you add switch windows command in a quick access toolbar that command will be used easily.


 arrange all

arrange windows

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