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How to Format slide.

How to format slide of Microsoft PowerPoint.

In this article, we will learn how to How to format slide. where I have discussed the following topics.


  • Working with bullet points
  • Using Outline mode to edit content
  • Formatting text and creating Word-Art
  • Working with text boxes
  • Creating and formatting tables
  • Inserting Excel Tables
  • Using the research, language, and thesaurus tools

Working with bullet points in Format slide.

Bullet points are used mostly in PowerPoint slides. You are talking and there reading. It helps you when you what is you talk about keeps them focusing on great handouts leaders.

Format Tab:



From home tab.



 bullets and numbering

For numbering.

Type a list.


Home Tab.



numbering list

bullets and numbered options

Using Outline mode to edit content.

Sometimes you might just want that when you add contents directly without the visual corner of the photo, clip arts, and design your presentation.

That’s why outline mode for it.

The outline gives you text only version if you apply.

You can edit directly.

To access outline mode.

Click the view ribbon tab.

Outline View.

 Using Outline mode to edit content

 outdent shortkey

Formatting text and creating Word-Art.

We can make the text bit flash here using something called Word-Art and applying styles.

Let’s apply some word Art on the text.

Type some text.

Format Tab.

 Formatting text and creating WordArt

 format shape

Working with text boxes.

A text box is a placeholder.

similar to the when you typing all the time. You can create own text box resize it Or change the font and manipulate them any way you like.

Insert Tab.

Text box.

Type some text inside the text.

Formatting options and word art options can be applied to it.

You can drag and move text box everywhere on the slide.


You can copy text box and paste to any slide of the presentation.

Creating and formatting tables.

Presentations that are used over all sources table data like cell results, projections, and any day to day business operations. You can create great looking table right in power point.

Home Tab.

New slide.

Select Title and contents (placeholder).

Title and contents


 table example

Design Tab.


Inserting Excel Tables

The ability to create the table directly in power point is great.

Copy some text from Microsoft Excel.

Open PowerPoint right click sees following options and selects one of them.

 Inserting Excel tables

Using the research, language, and thesaurus tools.

Just we have done how to edit actual contents, contents should always come first above all.

You want to you audience to believe that what do you want to tell them. The power point presentation should be just tool get there.

There are some built-ins tools.

Select word.

Review Tab.

smart lookup

 smart lookup options

Review Tab.

 language and translator

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