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Exploring Camtasia Studio Preferences.

Exploring Camtasia Studio Preferences.

Let’s take a look a Camtasia Studio preferences and these preferences can make a big difference that how you work and how your project looks.

Camtasia Studio Preferences

  1. Open Camtasia Studio 9.
  2. Edit.
  3. Preferences.

Let’s start with:

Program Tab.

program tab

Once when we open up,  the first option here in the program tab is the first option is smart to focus button I leave this off, I do not like smart focus, I prefer to animate my own, properties.

Exploring Camtasia Studio Preferences.

However, if you would like to know how smart focus works? You should turn this on, start applying with smart focus box checked then, if you are happy with the result, try to lock smart focus to maximize the skill box, see how they work for you?

Mirror waveform just is the visual preference if you have checked mirror waveform, not a single one, I would like to single one, as for workflow, makes no difference is just way to look.

Enable auto stitching means: it is kind of big deal if it is checked then all of your cuts, would be stitched together as you cut, you always on stitching them, I advise it should be checked.

Autosave: it is very important, I leave checked, I find any crash, then I can redo within the minutes.

Timing Tab.

 timing tab

It can be also called duration area, these are my default duration for transitions, images, annotations, animations, production preview, captions. I think this is a reasonable setting, but you can adjust I recommended leave it as these are.

Partner Tab.

partner tab

I think the default setting is just fine, and I do not do many power point records.

Mobile Sharing Area.

If you are going to use Fuse with Camtasia, absolutely make sure mobile sharing is on if you want to you can change, connection there, your connection name Ramzan’s Camtasia.

Storage Folder.

C drive and Google folder is also you can set, both set the separate site for the same reason I mentioned before but If you do not have the separate drive but default C drive is enough,

First one is my C drive is always big relatively speaking and if I set filling up.

Number 2 reason, the thinks faster, your temp folder are on the separate drive, now if you do not have separate drive do not worry about C drive, works just fine.

 Hotkeys Tab.


Hotkeys make a significant difference in your workflow, especially in your shortcuts, now if you want to change any of these. so you can do by giving your own keys.

 Canvas Tab.

canvas tab

Here I go by default if you want to make changes so you can do on your own.

Advanced Tab.

advanced tab

Check for Upgrade.

Here you can set the upgrade settings.

check for more detail.

I think the default is fine.

Hardware Acceleration.

Next up GPU Acceleration If your computer has the capability.

Library content.

I go with the default.


I go with the default.

Temporary Storage Folder. 

The default temp folder is C drive.

Now we understood Camtasia Studio Preferences. let’s jump to next lesson   

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