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Exploring and Working with Camtasia Audio.

Basic Camtasia audio editing.

Camtasia Audio

Let’s explore and work with Camtasia Audio. Some of the basic techniques editing audio inside the Camtasia studio to begin I always to come in to timeline and zoom out here I am focusing on audio.

Camtasia audio panel

I would like to grab a small line in between, which is inside the track1 and track2 click and drag it up so that the audio waveforms will be at their maximum size.

 Camtasia audio setting

Camtasia audio ways

That is an easy way to see. As we look at that lesson, we can see the audio level of the first clip quite low.

The audio level of the second clip is quite high.

The low again for the third clip and fourth clip we want to gain a very high audio level. Even we have little bit audio clips is going on here is top is this.

Camtasia audio preview

When you preview this above file. You will get a different result.

So, we have to clean up a lot of things about this audio.

Let’s go ahead and select and keep to timeline at the beginning and we will start by addressing from the first clip.

Here we go and click one time on the clip selected then click on the audio tab here above the timeline.

First thing I have to do this selected audio level louder and in an ideal world we will get the peak of waveforms to be about 3 quarter of the way up this line.

Audio Tab/Panel.

So, we can do that by simply coming to the top at the audio tab/panel, click on the volume up button.

Each time you clicked on volume up button. We input gain is automatically be adjusted on that audio clips.

As we continued to click the volume up button. The volume will be continually raised until the waveforms reach proper height, in this case, the audio level next out.

Let’s go and check the preview by pressing the play button and see what’s it sound like space bar from the keyboard. To start the playback. Now the sound is much better.

Now you noted that when you have increased your audio than sound is also big as you saw.

camtasia increased

1st to select an audio track.

camtasia audio track

From properties, you can adjust sound up and down.

 camtasia adjust soundFor checking click on the space bar.

space bar camtasia

Levelling Camtasia Audio clips.

Some times. When You editing screencast, you may have audio coming in varying different sources. Possibly, Those audio points may not match up consistently between the various different clips.

To keep the sound level equally.

  1. Select all audio clips.
  2. volume leveling

Preview the audio and you can find the error that is a big jump between the first clip and second clip it will be great be able to easily level out all the audio between our various clips, all the same time.

Camtasia Studio has the tool, just for that but before applying the tool it is a good idea any time you are trying to that technique on the large patch of audio.

So, right-click on folder copy than go to any destination simply right click on that place where you want to pass right click and click on paste.

It is a good idea to always make a copy of your original project before you apply any audio filter to the overall project that way.

If you end up audio files, in your projects you can easily get back to previous states. We know everything is ok.

Now go back to Camtasia studio we have already gone zoomed in the project and go and adjust the keep up to the height of track1 here so we can clearly see the audio waveform.

Next, before we open up the audio filter.

Let’s go and ahead and control+a from keyboard to select all of the clips. we go select the audio tab and the top of the audio tab there is a section here “enable volume levelling,” now I warn you.

That result you are going vary greatly and in this filter.

Make things better or may not, it is a good thing to go ahead in try and try some different options your particular types.

To see how the particular filter interacts with your files, to apply the filter.

All we need to do that is make sure, that all over clips selected.

Check the box enable volume levelling.

As soon as we do we can see that in first and third clips and level have been boosted up.

3.  camtasia volume

4. volume 2

5. volume setting

Camtasia Audio Adding Background Music.

Finally, No part on editing audio cannot be complete without being able to add music track under Neath of our video, to add additional interest and excitement to our video.

Take it to the next level and Camtasia studio makes it extremely easy. In fact, a bunch of reality that music already has been included a copy of Camtasia inside the library.

Adding background music

Select Music Tracks

To see the preview by double click on it.

Adding background

Select any audio file drag it down and drop on the track.

preview of add sound

Camtasia Studio

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