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Understanding How to Excel Security

Understanding How to Excel Security

In this article, we will learn Understanding How to Excel Security. Where I have discussed the following topics.

  • Unlocking cells and protecting worksheets.
  • Protecting workbooks.
  • Assigning passwords to workbooks.
  • Sharing workbooks.
  • Tracking changes.


When you are creating Excel Spreadsheet. You want to Understand How to Excel Security and Share Excel Spreadsheet. So, this lesson is all about and we will start from Unlocking cells and protecting worksheets.

Unlocking cells and protecting Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Excel has the number of different protection schemes and you work with excel sometimes simple question hiding the data it could enough.

format cells

 protection locked

Select multi-column with ctrl key.

Also, you can hide the columns noted first you have to unlock particular columns.

Then go to Review.

Protect sheet give password.

 protect sheet

Protecting workbooks.

We are thinking some protections we only want certain people.

Protecting workbooks

Protecting workbooks save as

 protection general options

When you open the file it will ask for your password.

 confirmed password

password to modify

password modify

 password read only

Assigning passwords to workbooks.

Worksheet protects workbook and there is feature refer to as protecting workbook.

On the Review Tab.

 Assigning passwords to workbooks 5

Assigning passwords to workbooks 2

 Assigning passwords to workbooks 3

 Assigning passwords to workbooks 4

 Assigning passwords to workbooks 5

 Assigning passwords to workbooks 6

Sharing workbooks.

Imagine different people access that file or different time and add some information in overtime happened is some different people changes to this to different time someone tries to open this and see the location read only .

somebody else has to open like to be able to it allows different users to open this same time and be able to make changes to it and I think you see some pro-tentional problems they already but still idea allowing different people to have the same file to open at same time and be a making changing just to it .

it is going make sense scenarios that just described this featured is called sharing it is located in review tab.

Review Tab:

 Sharing workbooks

sharing workbook 2

Tracking changes.

If you want to allow different people to make changes in the worksheet in the same time.  You probably know set the shared workbook.

So, fist you have to share the workbook. However, may be a never heard about share worksheet but you do see the option here on the review tab called.

 Tracking changes

highlight changes

show track changes

Accept and Reject Changes.

Review Tab:

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