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 Introduction to Microsoft Excel Macro

 Introduction to Microsoft Excel Macro.

One of the most Microsoft Excel powerful feature that is called excel Macro. Macro is a way to automate your work.

excel macro

Let’s start with a simple idea.

Now if you have ever found suffering the repeating the same steps over and over again or maybe adding the same contents in your document.

Here you have to consider macros that you will do a once and never have done the again.


There is a word(text).

You want to apply the background color yellow.

Also, you want to apply Bold, Italic, Underline, and font color also and now the same you need for other text so you repeat the same steps again and again for avoiding this you use Excel macros.

In excel macro concepts come begins first of all the idea you have identified sequences of steps that you would like to automate if we can press keystroke short cut and have all the sorting, filtering, saving, printing, be done with a few seconds. This saves real-time.

In Microsoft excel, the macros are typically created after you have identified sequence. The feature is called a macro recorder. You go to actually steps. All are stored in saved. The Later time you can press keystroke key shortcut or maybe by way the new button.

Up at quick access toolbar then you will press that button, cause the macro happens and maybe even icon the worksheet.

  • Creating a simple macro.
  • Running a macro.

Creating a Simple Macro.

After identifying steps you would like to record current in macro.

Suppose we want to apply steps.




Font color yellow and background color black.

It is time to begin and time to record the macro.

If you right-click on the status bar bottom of the screen. There are many checks I mean commands here.

 Introduction to Macros

Let’s start the process recording the macro.

2 Introduction to Macros

For recording the macro click on the macro button which is shown in the above button.


View Tab.


Record Macros.

3 Introduction to Macros

This will open the Record Macro Dialogue Box.

4 Introduction to Macros




Font color yellow and background color black.

Click on any text.

Do the above actions.

Stop the Macro.



Stop Macro.

stop the macro

highlight cells

Run the Macro.

Select Text.

Type required the key short cut.




View Macro.

view macro

8 Introduction to Macros

Running a Macro.

Use Macro as Command and icon.

Right, click on quick access toolbar.

Customize the quick access toolbar.

9 Running a macro

10 Running a macro

Only I see macros select that macro which we have to create previously.

11 Running a macro

12 Running a macro

13 Running a macro

Now you see the quick access toolbar, macro has been added to the image.

14 Running a macro

Select any text and apply that command.

Apply Macro on any Shape.



Select shape.

Draw on Screen.

Right, Click on shape.

Assign Macro.

Click you created a macro.


Select text.

Click on shape.

Macro will be applied.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

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