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Designing an Effective Marketing Email

In this lesson, we will learn How to Design an Effective Marketing Email. When marketers talk about the format of an email, we should understand that they talk about the layout, content, and resolve of the particular email work together visually functionally as the unit.

Effective Marketing Email

For example:

  • Newsletter.
  • Promotion.
  • Event invitation.
  • Holiday greeting.

This lesson of the course explains the email formats as you can choose the form to run a successful Effective marketing email strategy.

It is an important use of variety email format in your strategy for two reasons:

First people response in different formats the and in different ways, for example, many people wait to read, emails look-alike newsletter, while emails look like an urgent announcement more likely to get media attention.

When getting media attention every email may sound, like a good strategy the reality is, urgency where off, if you use the same email for all your communications.

The second reasons to use the variety of formats, you need many formats, as you have reasons, to communicate:

For example: if you send these types of emails like promotions, news and information, greetings, event invitations, and appointment confirmation then you should apply the email formats to propriety categorize your information into logical groupings and here are the most popular email formats, some tips for making them effective.

Email Newsletter.

Email newsletter

This focuses on information and this type of email columns for the appearance on paper and it is great for sending related information in the single email, the newsletter should have also periodic frequency.

Designing an Effective Marketing Email

Such as weekly a monthly rather than an event-driven frequency for the best result. Minimize the amount of promotional content in your email newsletter, no more than 20% of your email newsletter content should contain promotions if you need promotion more than use promotional emails format.

Promotional Email.

Promotional email

This kind of email should focus on single promotion such as a single product.


Group of Related Products.

 group of related products


Themes such as Sales.


Promotional emails usually data-driven or triggered by specific actions, such as the recent purchase.

When using promotional emails, it is best to put some but not all of the detail, about the promotion in the email itself.

Put the rest of detail, on a website, to invite the clicks so you know how many people are interested in learning more about the promotions.

Another type of promotion is that event invitation. Even the invitation can focus on one event or more series of event. events are highly data-driven. Generally, it requires a series of emails and similar formats

If you want to get a good overall response, so, make sure you have to plan out your event invitation calendar to avoid over communication.

event invitation

Email Announcement.

Email announcement

It is that format send when no specific responses that expect to the part of recipient example: including greetings, thank your messages, press releases and order confirmations, send these emails formats, you want to focus on relationships building as suppose generating immediately sells leads, sometimes it is nice to receive an email that does not ask to do anything.

Email formats are more effective when your email desire out and good matching that format you choose.


Branding is also necessary for Effective Marketing Email. You need to pay attention to the way your email look because your audience pays attention or not, depending upon design choice where you make email.

The first rule of email design to make sure your email design or the good match with marketing media for example:

When someone visits your website and signs ups your email lists, they might not recognize your emails if they look completely different from your website, to ensure the good match between email designs and your other marketing designs follow these guides lines.

  • Include your logo: in all your emails.
  • Use consistent colours: best match for your backgrounds and borders and font, and when you send the promotions suggest the use of colours outside your brand just make sure work with promotional colours into your brand in place of replacing with the promotions.
  • Use consistent image types: also use the same type of images, in your emails. For example, there is a big difference between the stock of photography and graphics and clipart, choose the image type that fits the personality of your business.

When you choose designs for Effective Marketing Email, it is important to brand each type of email, formats consistently for example: make sure your emails newsletter look similar but not identical to your email promotions.

That way people will recognize. Brand and the purpose of each email. One of the best way to ensure, brand constancy with all your emails, is to design your emails, based on similar emails or templates.



In layout, you can use pre-designed email templates that are ready to receive text images and links and other content emails templates are available from email marketing provider.

Many providers include the templates ready to use, as is as well as templates highly customized, without any knowledge of HTML content that draws the specific section of the email, are called visual anchors, because the content x like anchors causes the eye to stop that content scanning through the email.

Visual anchors include all types of content Like:

Content Images.

 content images




logo in email marketing.



Divider Lines.

 divider lines

Background Colors.

background colors



When laying your content. the most important content should be at the upper left of your email because most people scanning email in the upper left, also most mobile devices display email beginning with the upper left if the whole email does not fit them on the screen.

 laying your content

One more caution it is important not to place too many visual anchors in all four Quadrans, doing so make sure difficult to scam because the eye cannot decide the most important sections of the email.


Organizing your content columns are also another great way to make your email easy to scan and columns make it easy to organize related groups of content so your audience can scan columns at any version of your email.

There are basically three choices of laying out columns effectively in your email. You can use columns with equal width to avoid the emphasizes content in one column the other.

 border 1

You can put the narrow column on the left side of your email to emphasize the content larger column to the right side

border 2

You can also put the narrow column right side of your email to emphasize the content larger column to the left side.

border 3

If you have so much content in a single email. You need to organize your content in than more two columns so, you may consider breaking up your content into multiple shorter emails and sending the higher frequency that way the email will not be when your subscribers see them.

Speaking of email content, the new few lessons, of the course how you make your content valuable and effective by including links, the information offers and call to action.

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