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A Closer Look at Drupal CMS.

A Closer Look at Drupal CMS.

Currently Drupal CMS, Joomla and WordPress are the most popular web-based content management systems on the market. As such I want to discuss each of them in and little more detail.

So, you can decide for yourself. If one of the potential fit for your project.

Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS Basics.

 A Closer Look at Drupal

  • More of a framework for content management than a CMS.
  • No assumptions are made about how the content is to be used or managed, just tools that allow you to control the process.
  • This gives you more flexibility but requires more technical proficiency.

 How does it work?


Collection of templates and functions that control the site’s presentation, layout, and some parts of the site’s functionality.

Block & Menus.

Blocks are code snippets that store smaller sections of dedicated content which can then be used throughout the site. Menus allow you to control site navigation.


Functional plugins that build the system’s functionality. These often control what you can do with the content and extend Drupal’s core features.


Any content entered into the system. Could be a blog post, article, ad copy, or any other current type.

The CMS has very impressive features lists.

Additional Features.

  • Multilingual support.
  • Multisite support.
  • SEO friendly links.
  • Taxonomy tools.
  • The Drupal has also very Powerful user management tools and capability allowing you to define the roles who governs the creation, editing, publishing, the content based on content type.

Drupal Modules.

 Drupal Modules

Typical Drupal Users.

  • Targeted towards developers more than designers.
  • Having the assistance of a developer for your first site is recommended.
  • Drupal boasts one of the largest developer communities of any CMS.
    • Developers have created hundreds of modules that assist functionality.
    • Security and performance are continually improved.
    • The a large pool of developers to choose from.

To learn more!


Currently, this CMS is considered also the most popular web-based content management systems on the market. It is Multilingual support, Multisite support, SEO friendly links, Taxonomy tools.

Get Drupal. 


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