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Understanding The DNS and Why It Matters.

The DNS and Why It Matters.

DNS is one of the most important processes on the web and also one of the most overlooked. DNS

Domain Name Server (servers or system) address one of the fundamentals differences between humans and computers.


When web server hosts the website.


A site is assigned a unique IP Address. That is used to identify its location. 


Well computers fine working with the long strings of numbers very very simple but humans struggle to remember them imagine try to remember IP addresses every single website frequent so in order to make the web a little bit more useable to humans every website is also assigned a unique domain name that associate the site IP and that is where DNS comes in others have described as phone book of internet and I really can think of better example.


When you type in your browser the domain name is sent to name server which looks up the address in then to return properly the IP  to your browser Then defined your website. All of this happen amazingly quickly to understand this process little bit better lets’ take look the flow of DNS process in more detail.

The Domain Name Server (servers or system) system incredibly complex flow of database this distributed across server all over the world when you register a newly hosted website it is assigned an IP address and register with DNS your hosting company pretty very handling the steps associated with the domain name with the IP behind the scene your website now is registered and ready to accept the request what happens is made.

Why The DNS Matters.

  • If your site isn’t registered properly with a DNS, no one will be able to find you.
  • Multi-name sites need to point to the proper IP.
  •  Make sure you’re aware of who site ownership is assigned to.
  •  DNS caching can take up to 24 hours.


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