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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

What is Video Marketing                                                          


What is Video Marketing? In this lesson, we will learn What is Video marketing. So, video marketing is another relatively new component of digital marketing. It involves producing videos content and place area sites like YouTube. Now you might be asking why worth producing videos content for the site like …

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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing. In this article, you will learn about Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine has several benefits. But the biggest benefit is the ability to target your people amazingly. Target your people means you can target your site audience or Channel  YouTube Audience. Because the search and display advertisements …

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What is SEO


What is SEO? what is SEO? SEO is Search engine optimization is all about the impacting how visible your website is in the search result in organic results. SEO is a part of Digital Marketing. You will be making changes used in your site technical setup as well as content …

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What is Data Analytics


What is Data Analytics? Understating What is Data Analytics? Data Analytics is very essential when the data is collected on your website. Your campaign and your social media efforts will determine your overall health in your digital marketing. Data is your map. The data you gather will control the success …

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