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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy.

Here in lesson-2, we will explore Digital Marketing Strategy. It is pretty easy to see the importance value of building out your online presence with the majority of digital marketing ways.  Many businesses get success by using a proper Digital Marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The key is to Build out a dedicated strategy that results in a strong return on investment.

Without investment time and strategy, you are not only going to miss the opportunities but you may find out your business left behind because digital marketing is so broad it is easy to look at strategy 03 distinguish strategy all share a common goal.

Digital Marketing Strategy covers to your:

Now all dig deeper each of these next few lessons and my goal is to help you to develop digital marketing strategy and do that you need to.

  • Understand Plan for your business at high level.
  • How you intend to be perceived by your market?
  • Who the market actually is?
  • How your customers are using digital technology?
  • What channels you builds into?

Having the clear and well thoughts Digital Marketing Strategy keeps you focus and serves as road map as you explore new marketing channels and there is one size fits all solution here every business needs its create own strategy and that makes sense if you selling custom T-shirt sports friends online. Your plan will be the different from local restaurant.

Your entire marketing strategy should be built with shared values in mind. Forget for moment you are selling the product and service, instead the adopt the mindset that your marketing and experience.

So, we are looking 03 distinguish strategies.

I want to you focus on building each of amount with the ideas that the end of day you want to shared value experience and that experience bring you passive return on investment.


business in Digital Marketing Strategy

The first of 03 strategies are your business strategy and  in here we want to identify followings.

  1. Mission statement.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Your Value Proposition.
  4. Elevator Pitch.

These fours elements help to focus or attention and make it easy to look to our customers and marketing strategies. Before we get there, we need to cross the basic of the list

These are:

  • Is your business digital?
  • Do you have the right structure in place?
  • Will your digital marketing efforts fit into your existing process?
  • Do you have the time necessary to maintain your strategy?

We talk about minimum effort required each channel still need to know you can maintain day to day one of the big challenge in Digital marking is keeping things up to date. You can only plan effective strategy if you have clear understanding of your business from start.

You need big picture to view determine that which row most sense. You need big picture view to  pick a new row gets your destinations. So,  Let’s get back in building your business strategy.

I put together a very basic business strategy worksheet that you can use it, start collecting your thoughts. Fill free to expend this as much detail you need but keep in mind at this stage what’s trying to get the dark on dark board over time you can refine your strategy find the hit the bullets eyes.

Business Strategy worksheet

As I mentioned earlier. We are going to identify Mission statements, Objectives, Your Value Proposition, and the Elevator Pitch. We need to start by defining our Mission statements. This one sense should summarize what we are trying to do, that can be veg, but it should be able to stand up to own. You use your mission statements to keep everything in check.

In this table I would like at the top so can I refer to it, as I fill in addition elements I use the example of brand call R+ Sports and replace the information accordingly.

 business stratedy worksheet

 R+ sports

Next,  After business name and Mission statement. We should define at least 03 Organizational Objectives and you can have more if you are selling to client these should be Pieces necessary to keep the business running and maintain your brand identity.

It can be anything from selling products to increase sign ups. So , for R+ is selling nutritional products. Than be social responsible company, receive validation from the athletic community. These are the make up what the business is set up to do.

Next, the identify the value proposition of those objectives.

Value Proposition.

  • Why do you stand out?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why would someone choose you over your competitor?

Ideally you select one or two values propositions for each of your objectives.

Finally add your elevator pitch:

Short summary of your brand. Your pitch helps concisely. Digital marketing has many channels that the limits the amount of information you can communicate so this is a great opportunity to practice thinking and concise manner.

For R+ I have created two sense pitch. That I think summarize brand nicely. So, pick and choose the elements to specific to your business. Going through this process will help you to understand who’s your business is? And where your online effort to take you.

So, this point we have got good understanding of our business but now we need to understand who are customer is what do they find them. Without customer strategy, we try to do three things.


Customer in Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Reach the correct audience.
  2. Understand the audience.
  3. Understand where to find the audience.

1 The reach the correct audience.

It would be a waste of time and advertising pursue the wrong audience. The right audience have best ROI (Return on investment).

 2 Understand the audience: what motivates them, as they relate, or objectives.

3 Finally, understand where to find the audience: more specifically, what marketing channels we can leverage the connecting with.

Now we talk about digital marketing audience we are referring some special class of consumer; the truth is customer that shop break then other people who order online store. The major difference however is that digital customer is in control they able to drill to into landscape the more niche and personalize ever before this means when you go to identify the audience.  You have to be specific with who you are targeting. There is no street traffic to market broadly to. each view cost your time and money. But because your audience to expects niches.

You are able to seek alter find a customer out with ease unlike marketing efforts in past.

Just we did with our business strategy.

 customer strategy worksheet

We can create a simple table to outline our target audience I setup 3 columns here but you can expand this and you might need to as being to more specific is better than being to brought so for H+ Sports I am going to put my effort to 03 kinds of audiences.

 customer worksheet example

Age 24-35 males who interest in sports.

Age 24-35 females who interest in fitness.

Age 40-55 male and female who interest in wellness.

We can get even more specific we need to but it is solid understanding point next we need to put some sales in the mind of target audiences.

What are the goals.

What are they looking accomplish?

So, list each goal below it.

 customer worksheet exam

I have list that which says.

The idea to have a bumpt on the street and they say I am doing yoga everyday but I just love see faster results. You can provide them with your evelator pitch. We can not find on the street someone but we find someone online and now our final rows comes in.

The Audience Technology section. Here you identify that  What medium audiences use.

 customer work sh

Is it social?

What network?

Is it blog?

Are they searching on Google.

Or visiting particular website.

I have filled some examples of H+ in Audience Technology you can see in above image.

But as you continue through this course I encourage that to take note. Which channel review that interact with most with audience.

From here we need to drill in understand our goals for each audience.

I refine these  as our customer segments.

So we end up creating new table to explore these segments in detail for each segments we need to understand 04 things.

  1. What is our goal for segment?
  2. What is the shard value for this segment?
  3. What are the key performance indicators?
  4. What is your target?

So, let’s take a look how we fill out?

R+ example

 audience goal

So take your time and think your demographic the goal for each and final target is.


Marketing in Digital Marketing Strategy

Now we understand our business and customers and it is time to identify how we go and go about digital marketing so you may have noticed that pattern in our previous examples.

Each strategy builds on strategy proceeds it each time we get even more specific.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy will actually be by many Separate marketing plans for goals for each audience section we require.

So, let’s review another table.

 marketing strategy worksheet

R+ worksheet

Now we are going to look at the channels intend on marketing and develop marketing idea for each of those marketing medias are available to us.

Marketing Media.

  • Paid.
  • Earned.
  • Owned.

Now this point you might not have the sense all the channels available to you and that’s ok, take the educated guests now and refine this plan. You continue to this course.

Paid Media.

  • Google AdWords.
  • Facebook Paid Ads.
  • Display marketing/Ads.

Owned Media.

  • Website/email.

Owned Media comes with your own website, you list the customers you use to send emails and the blog as active readership.

Earned Media.

  • Organic

For my purpose I use marketing channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Blog.

paid earned owned

Remember digital marketing is long process and you work continuously approve these ideas. As you build the new audiences, new objectives and new channels. You want to make sure that your coverage with your marketing strategy. It is important be flexible. As you collect more and more data than you will be closer and closer targets. You may also learn plan to aggressive or may be even to conservative.

There is a lot of things that think about build your Digital Marketing Strategy, spend time during research further understating your business, your customers in marketing channels available to you. You may choose all implement all strategies available to you or you may choose to ignore few both are valid options depending what are you setting to do. All and all your marketing strategy is the final piece of puzzles.

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