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Digital Marketing Components

Digital Marketing Components.

Year of year more and more marketing opportunities present themselves online and this is because people are creating and adopting new technologies and exploring new ideas.

The number of options is available as a marketer or almost overwhelming in this lesson, we are going to explore the main Digital Marketing Components. But the concept will scale other areas.

Digital Marketing Components

let’s start, Digital Marketing Components.

It is important to keep in mind the strategy does not need to include every available marketing channel. It may end the using handful discussed or may find success leveraging in not part of core components.

We have such a wide array of choices. It is important to evaluate which channel makes more sense. If you are operating limited resources.

You need to prioritize which channel you need to start with. In the same vein if you are exploring new channels so it is a good idea how to impact day today.

So, to do that I evaluate each based on for requiring built channel and evaluating doing so.

I show you what is my mean, let’s 04 areas of digital marketing strategy.

1.      SEO.

2.       Search Marketing.

3.       Social Marketing.

4.       Video.

Understanding Digital Marketing Components in ore More Deep.

So, the first thing we just need to do to figure out, what channel we do for this area. So, for SEO we going on Google for Search marketing we use Google AdWords and social media I am going to start with Facebook and for the video we use YouTube.

SEO: Google.

Search Marketing: AdWords.

Social Media: Facebook.

Video: YouTube.

Let us drop four into tables.

Next, we need to score the efforts on a scale of 1 to 6.

Six be the most amount of the effort and one the least.

We also score the value, so which of likely to have the biggest return on the investment. Now, these score the specific of your business. So, I am going to sign some numbers as an example.

source effort value

Now we have the score, let’s visualize how we spend our time and do that create 6×6 grade with one access of the effort and one for value. Since we are using the scale.

source effort value with metrics 2

We use scale one to six, we mark each row and column corresponding the number. Now we break into 4 individual sections as visualizations efforts versus value.

The top low-level value is low effort and bottom-right high-value effort. Taking our score previous table.

We can apply exactly where marketing channels lands. So, since I score google. Five for value and four for effort.

I place that correct section or repeat the process AdWords, YouTube, and Facebook, so with the complete metrics, so it is easy to decide to spend our time.

Start things with high values, high efforts sections, and work with you back metrics.

source effort value with metrics

source effort value with metrics 2

Keep in mind just because high and low value does not mean worth exploring we simply scoring relation with each other.

A low value means a significant return on investment. It is not just significant. Something in the high-level value section.

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