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Developing Your Blogging Ideas.


In this article, we will know about blogging ideas. Many companies have thought about blogging but don’t know where to begin.  Others may have tried it and let their blog fade away and now want to give it another shot.

Developing Your Blogging Ideas

Regardless of it that where you stand or have a position, a business blog desires a big idea that you can sustain over time.

 Ask Yourself for Developing Your Blogging Ideas.

2 Ask yourself

What’s the purpose of your blog?  That is, what do you want it to accomplish for your business?  To find out, talk to your employees to see what they think.

3 purpose

You should conduct a survey or having a focus on groups or have a series of short and focused ideas meetings.

However, when you plan your focused ideas, be sure to include more than just your marketing and communications teams.

4 purpose

That is including customer service, sales, finance, operations, IT, really any department with stories to tell.

One way to prepare for your focused ideas is to create a brief outline of what you’re observing for and then direct it to people in advance.

5 brief outline

You should also include an agenda and keep the meeting to around or minutes so it stays on track.

Avoid the typical focused ideas format with lots of people sitting around a big table shouting ideas, not really listening, and pasting a whole bunch of Post-It notes on the wall.

6 shouting ideas

Sure, that type of conference gives you approximately inspired thinking but it’s often unfocused and the extroverts dominate the lower peoples whose ideas are unheard or unsaid.

A better way is to provide an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to contribute.

 Here’s how: start your meeting with a quick summary of why you’re there and the ground rules.

Break people into teams of four.

  1. Teams should have restroom various departments to encourage a diversity of thought.
  2. One person on each team becomes the facilitator who acts like an orchestra conductor, asking questions and making sure everyone has a turn to talk.
  3.  After a few minutes, you’ll notice the group gravitates to one idea and it’s the facilitator’s job to help them build and refine it.
  4. At the or minute mark, when the idea’s taking shape, the facilitator recaps the idea and then draws a T on a large piece of paper.

The facilitator then writes the title of your group’s idea at the top of the T.

7 shouting ideas

Developing Your Blogging Ideas

On the left side, they write down the top three bullets telling what it is and on the right, the attraction a rapid visual doodle of the idea.

Then separately group takes a few minutes to present their idea to the rest of the team.

Of course, someone has to make the final decision.

But this focused idea format gives you a quick and easy way to develop a range of creative ideas.

People touch a connection to the process  and

It’s a great method to build interest in your blog.

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