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How designers Choose CMS

How designers Choose CMS.

In this lesson we will know How designers Choose CMS. So, for as we have covered a lot of grounds in regards choosing CMSs. Of course, not only everyone needs same so now in this title I talk directly about Designers and will discuss some unique needs considering CMS. As a general rule designer are great in HTML and CSS but may be not some are not in server-side software like PHP, PERL.

designers Choose CMS

Technical  Complexity.

  • As such one of the key feature you are looking for CMS simple installation, Look for a CMS that is simple to install and maintain.
  • Read the documentation and forums to determine if you’ll be comfortable working with the CMS.
  • Take the time to manually install the demo yourself.

Next, Closely examine generated code that CMS uses, look for the CSS separated from the structure and easy to access, explore the structure of template of HTML and way the associate the CSS controls it.

It the code contains the errors stay away.

Look for clean concise code. They do not require tone of work to read and write for your own designs the point of using CMS is to help speed up development .

1 closely examined generated code

Examine Template Customization

  • Examine carefully how the CMS builds pages.
  • Find out how complex the mechanisms for controlling the layout and presentation of pages are.
  • Try customizing layouts yourself to see if the process is efficient.

Added Functionality.

 add functionality

  • Don’t be overly swayed by a large number of plugins.
  • Read the documentation on the plugins and find examples of them in use.
  • Find out how easy it is to customize the presentation of the plugins.
  • Look for communities that allow users to rate and comment.

Your Responsibility to the Client.

Your Responsibility to The Client

  • Look for a content editor that your clients can use.
  • Editors that are similar to word processing programs are likely to work best.
  • Clients that are comfortable with the CMS inter face will require less support.

Hosting Considerations.

  • Multiple site hosting capabilities can make it easier to manage sites through a CMS.
  • However, a single installation failure can affect multiple sites.
  • Hosted solutions can give you another option for creating CSS-driven client sites.

Make sure you take the time to carefully  consider what services you are going to offer to your client. What degree of control need over the content management system go out and find out CMS that gives you those solutions in most efficient way possible.


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