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How to Customize Word.

How to Customize Word.

In this lesson, we will learn about customize word, where I have discussed the following topics.

  • Changing Microsoft Word default settings.
  • Customizing the Ribbon.
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.


Changing Word default settings.

Learning How to change the Microsoft default setting is very necessary for everyone. As we work in Microsoft word 2016 document. You may notice certain behaviors happening in the background with Microsoft word.

For example,

you open any file in Microsoft Word.

When you select any text, with mouse or Keyboard with pressing shift+arrows keys,  you notice that word goes ahead and selecting the text automatically.

After selecting when you move the mouse over the text you also see some options for formatting text will be appeared like below image.

 formatting text
If you would not like to use this formatting text in the future then you can turn on and off it including there are many others options are which also you do not like on or off in Microsoft word. So, Now let’s Learn these options. How can we turn on and off.

Click on File Tab:



When you would click on option following image will be appeared.


more options

Customizing the Ribbon.

Now we have how Microsoft behaves, we can also customize the way. now we will focus on the ribbon bar.  There is ribbon category in those options we go back to that on the right side there is the option of collapse ribbon.

Customizing the Ribbon

or press the same keyboard shortcut.



customize ribbon

 new group

 main tabs

add group

I can add as many groups as I need.

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.

While ribbon did give us very quick access to many commands use here in Microsoft word 2016 and everything sorted in tabs and groups within those tabs even quick access you commonly use those commands which are available in quick access toolbars.

Which is located in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Also, it has default button showing the already save button undo and redo. There is last option which name is Customize quick access toolbar.

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar more commands

 quick access toolbar

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