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Introduction to CorelDraw.

Introduction to CorelDraw & Getting Started and Using The Workspace.

Hello Welcome to CorelDraw Essential Training. In this course, we will cover the essentials lessons which take through the applications.


We will get progress to CorelDraw X8 Essential Training course. By Covering things such as overview of the interface, settings to the new documents, and examine various tools of toolbox. Now there are many types of elements that can be used to work with in CorelDraw such as ellipse, rectangle, text, bitmaps, as well as others objects, next, takes some powerful tools and features, such as power clips, find and replace, and working with the scripts, color pallets, printing and many more.

What is Graphic?

The  computer graphics is considered consist of almost everything on computers that is not text or sound. Today almost every computer can do graphics, and people have even come to expect to control their computer through icons and pictures rather than just by typing.

Example picture, drawing.

We draw/design in any graphic in graphic application. We get input from digital camera or scanner then we edit/modify. Today every computer can do graphic.

Types of Computer Graphics.

  1. Vector graphic.
  2. Bitmap/raster images.

Vector and Raster Graphics There are two types of computer graphics – raster and vector. The raster graphic is composed of pixels and vector graphic is composed of drawing paths.

Corel draw is example vector graphic (because it is solid and good quality. Adobe Photo shop is example of Bitmap (because when you zoom to picture, then picture will be broken.)

Getting Started and Using the Workspace.

Now, we are going to take look the welcome screen. The welcome screen can be accessed upper left-hand corner click on the tab.

Alternatively, from help men, Select welcome screen.

Click on welcome screen tab.

We will start with getting started.

On left had a side you can see welcome screen option.

welcome screen


The getting stared tab contain 5 main components.

 getting started

New Document: when you will click on the new document. It will allow to you create a new document.

 new document

New from Template:

Open Recent:

Open Other:

Take a Tour:

New from Template

Now we talk the little bit about workspaces.

CorelDraw includes the number of specialized workspaces. That helps you to design to increase your productivity.

A workspace is the configuration of settings that specify how the various tools bar, commands, and buttons bars are arranged. When you launch CorelDraw here you choose one of the six workspaces.


Lite workspace is ideal for the new user. Who getting started.

 x6 inspired

The X6 Inspired: also refer as to classical workspace it is almost identical default workspace and best suited for someone who familiar with tool placement earlier versions.


The default workspace has been designed for ground up to provide better placement tools and features.

Now here we have the couple of specialty workspaces that includes with illustration workspace for users to create efficient things such as cover designs, magazine layouts, and other such illustrations.

Page Layout Workspace.

Which is ideal for those. Who focus on graphics and text layouts.

The final one is Adobe Illustrator workspace and this is ideal to someone who moves Illustrator to CorelDraw and want to little bit more comfortable.

Here we use in this tutorial X6 Inspired.

The reason I am using it, I already familiar with Corel draw.

There are a number of workspaces. But We will work with the following workspace.

 X6 workspace inspired

Next will be started from below.

 Seeking Additional Help

Let’s take a look a couple of different resources that are available to offer help within Corel Draw. Within learning section they are providing additional help when trying to learn application. there are resources which included:

  • Quick start guide.
  • Video library.
  •  Product help.
  • More online tutorials.

As well as access Discovery center, Corel draw community, and ability to provide the Feedback.

 learning resources

There is also Tour Section.

Which can be found within the Getting Started tab.

getting started


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