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Understanding CorelDraw Interface.

Understanding CorelDraw Interface.

In this lesson, we will learn and Understand CorelDraw Interface. Where we will explore drop-down menus, Locating the toolbar and the toolbox and Understanding dockers.

CorelDraw interface

Exploring Drop-Down Menus

At the top of screen, we have standard drop down menus.

menu bar

I start with file menu, in here When you will click on file

 file menu

 file menu with send to

You can see the drop down just like other programs. In this view we have menu icon followed by the feature function name and also associated with keyboard shortcut which is assigned.

 keyboards shorts


You may also notice black color triangle in to the right. That is indication there is additional menu items as sub sets. Here I show what is mean.

If I save the file there is send to.

 send to

I have ability to send the file multiple ways like Bluetooth, compression zip folder as well as couple of other options.

Continues look to other menu item.   You see the there are organized and relatively logically fashion.

Suppose I select bitmap menu.

bitmap menu.

You notice that number of these features are grayed out.

The reason for this I currently do not have bitmap selected on my page. So here is the trip if you are trying to apply effect on the object the application is not allowing it.

Take a look at status bar.

At the bottom, you see there is current layer1 is selected. Example if in your file bitmap file is open and  is selected then it will show bitmap is selected.

 status bar.

Now if you go to bitmap menu then you will notice some options which were de active and are active.

As I continue move to cross to my menu bar than I have text menu.

text menu

Table menu.

table menu

 Tools menu.

 tools menu

There are things such as options, or settings for CorelDraw to change the CorelDraw interface, how it behaves also under tools we have things such as Color Management, Macros, Scripts. If we Look the under the windows menu.

We have color pallets. In more important menus are also available such as Dockers, Dockers are panels when activated it will appear right side of the screen and provide the functionality to the applications if we have one of the dockers is active then you will see check mark to the left to it here.

 windows menu

I show you what is my mean. If I select Object Data Manager you will see it appears on the right-hand size of the screen.

 Object Data Manager

If I go back to Windows menu and un check to Object Data Manager then that docker will be off.

Finally I want to talk about Menu item is the help menu.

 help menu

Under the help you see the things like.

  • Product help.
  • Welcome screen.
  • Video tutorial and so on.

Hint is actually is docker it can be used from Windows and also can be user within the Dockers option which is available in Windows menu.

The hints docker allow you to learn more about the application as you using it.

For example:

With the hints docker in view if I select crop tool then my hint docker will be changed and will tell me how to use crop tool.


As you move another tool like artistic media tool also hint docker will be changed to give additional help.

 hints 2

If the information is not sufficient in hint docker. You require more research to scroll down and click on help topics.

It will launch help file for me and provide additional information about the topic.

 help content

Locating the Toolbar and the Toolbox.

It is very important to understand toolbar and toolbox in CorelDraw Interface. Let’s take a look standard toolbar in context sensitive or interactive property toolbar. We can start with standard toolbar. The standard toolbar is right below the drop-down menu and contain some of common commands.

 standard toolbar

 standard toolbar 2

Things just new document, open save, print, you notice that there down pointing arrow is next to the open this gives you access the most recently used documents, next we have cut, copy, paste.

cut, copy, paste

now off course these functions are associated keyboard shortcuts with them. They can be found in Edit menu next, we have undo, redo icons,

undo and redo

you may also notice there is a small icon next to that if I hit the drop down. I have ability to back up my undo history I select any command (move) and just I do redo it is great way to save the time in editing process.

The next icon launch Corel Connect I will cover later on.

 Corel Connect

Following the Corel launcher we have import and export as well as publish to PDF. If you sure that what is pdf file is take a look.

 import and export pdf

Next we have view options.

 view options

First we have ability to select different zoom levels.

 zoom levels

 view others options

  • Full Screen.
  • Show Rulers.
  • Show Grids.
  • Show Guides lines.

 snap to

I also snap a number of different objects. Include such as things. Document Grid, Baseline Grid, Objects, Page.

application launcher

Finally we have options as well as applications launcher.

 Finally we have options as well as applications launcher.

The application launchers allow to launch coral applications. Directly from and within the CorelDraw. One other note here is that if you have installed. Third party plugins with CorelDraw they also can be accessed from here as.

Now take a look at interactive property bar or context censor property bar.

 property bar.

The interactive property bar directly below standard tool bar. It gives additional capacities to tools and objects that are selected.

Here I show what is my mean.

I have pick tool selected from toolbar.

With nothing selected on page. I have ability to change  or modify the settings from my current document.

For example.

I can change here things such as.

 screen size options

Page size.


Units of measure and number of others options over here.

If I selected rectangle tool.

For example.

Here you can see, here I can set the size of rectangle, corner roundness, as well as outline weight.

The interactive property bar. Now only changes,  when I select object but tools as well as.

 interactive property bar

The Toolbox.

 The Toolbox.

Toolbox is also very important in CorelDraw interface, it Contains the majority of tools that you have been using and working in CorelDraw. It is located here left-hand side of the screen.

As menus of the above. Some of tools have black triangle right hand corner. These indications additional tools, which are available. You can make yourself.

Understanding Dockers.

Dockers are very essentials in CorelDraw Interface. We can do the whole series on dockers for now, a cover the few.

Object Manager.

Object Manager can be accessed through Windows Menu.

 Understanding Dockers


Docker is seen on left hand side of CorelDraw. It can be customized.

 object manager

Clcik on this icon over by the dockers allow to me to quick customize which docker is being displayed and which one I want to turn off.

 add docker

which Docker you want to display click on it.

 docker options panel

A docker is a panel, which is usually is appeared on the right side of CorelDraw screen. Although it can be customized.

For example ( you can see) on the right hand side of my screen, two dockers are opened.

 dockers options

  1. Hints.
  2. Object Manager.

Now dockers will display the same types of controls as a dialog box. Such as commands bar, Buttons, and list boxes, but unlike most dialog boxes you can keep a docker is open. While working on document. This will allow to you access the commands, to experiment with different settings.

The docker can either be docked or floating  to float the docker simple matter pull of the page.

Click on the docker with mouse and drag everywhere on the screen where you wish to like.

 object panel

Docker can be tabbed or docked anywhere I mean you can drag it everywhere on screen.

I you want to open several dockers at the time. The tabbed together into nest.

Now take the look object Manager Docker.

 object manager opticians

It shows all the pages in the current document having all layers.

The buttons of the top of object manager provides number of extended features.

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