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Learning CorelDraw Basics.

Learning CorelDraw Basics.

In this lesson, we will learn the CorelDraw Basics. We have seen the CorelDraw Interface previously. Now we will focus on the following topic. Like, setting up the page, using rulers, grids, and guidelines, navigating a multi-page document, Master layer & page numbering, starting with a template, Understanding file formats.

CorelDraw Basics

Now we will take a look at different ways to set up your document.

The first and obvious is File Menu.

There are three ways to create a new file.

  1. File New
  2. Ctrl+N
  3. Below the File create new file

new file options

Name: Give the name of the file.

Preset Destination. Under preset destination, we have the number of destinations.

 Preset Destination

These are including with CorelDraw default.

Select any according to your project.

When you will click on size:

You can select different sizes: according to your project.

 custom size

Width: Set width according to the project.

Height: Set Height according to the project.

The units of measurement: Set according to the project.

The number of pages. Set according to the project.

Primarily colour mode: Set according to the project.

RGB: For Web Project.

CMYK: For Printing Project.

Rendering resolution:

300 for Printing:

72 for Web.

CorelDraw Basics.

Using Rulers, Grids, and Guidelines.

When you work on your artwork it is easy to make sure the objects are properly aligned others objects in CorelDraw it can be done in a number of ways.

View Menu.

 Using rulers, grids, and guidelines

Using rulers, grids, and guidelines

Tools Menu.



We have the ability to set the frequency of Guidelines, Grids, and Ruler.

 guide lines





About Ruler.

About Ruler

About GuidesLine.


If you work with shift mouse result will be displayed as below.



 document grid

Modify Grid Pattern.

Modify Grid Pattern.

Turn off the grid.



Uncheck Document Grid.


Guides are created by dragging in from rulers.

I can drag from horizontal rulers, left-click on drag down and I can drag from the vertical ruler, left click and drag to right. It is very easy to bring guides on the page.


You notice that some guidelines are blue and some are red.

Currently, guideline shows red colour.

You can actively guideline by clicking with the mouse.

You can also change the colour of the guide.

Select guidelines.

Select color and drag and drop over the guides lines from color pallets from the right-hand side.

Another way for coloring guide is guiding line docker.

  1. Windows.
  2. Dockers.
  3. Guidelines.

Double click on the guideline.


The Final Way to Alignment Guides.



Alignment Guides.

 Alignment Guides. 2

 Alignment Guides. 3

 Alignment Guides. 4

Navigating a Multi-Page Document.

One of the features is CorelDraw part from other design application is the ability to create multiple page document.


New and ok (I accept the default).


Layout Menu (I have the ability of Insert, duplicate, Rename the page ).

Navigating a multi-page document

Insert Page.

insert Page.

At the bottom left corner. We have page navigation tools.

I can add the page before and add page after.

 add page

Create four pages.

Create the rectangle on each page with colour.


Page Sorter View: this allows to see all pages at the same time.

Create four pages.

Right-click on the page, I have a couple of options.

couple of options.

Master Layer & Page Numbering.

It is also important to understand master layer and Page numbering ins CorelDraw Basics. If you create a multi-page document there may need to use page numbering or create the master layer.

Page numbering very straightforward but master layering needs to build the explanation.

A master layer is a layer to display on all pages. What does that mean? It is advisable to create a master page layer. Whatever I put on the layer it will appear on all pages. A perfect example this if I create the layout for a financial report and want the logo on completely pages then I have to put master layer. From my object manager left click on the black rectangle.

Master layer & page numbering

Go toolbox.

Select the rectangle and select circle also. Like the below image.

Master layer & page numbering Master layer & page numbering

create this kind of log.

See each page shows this image. (logo).

Master layer & page numbering

Master layer & page numbering

Master layer & page numbering

You can drag to page anywhere on the page.

You can check others pages, there automatically pages have been created.


Page Sorter View.

 Master layer & page numbering

Starting with a Template.

One more way which CorelDraw can save design time is to provide the ability to create and work with the template.

For doing this I am going to create a new file.



Starting with a template

Double click on the rectangle.

Starting with a template

Change the size of the rectangle.

Starting with a template

Starting with a template

Starting with a template

Starting with a template

Now select the rectangle and hit the enter key from the keyboard.

After that, I want to save with template.


Save as Template.

Starting with a template

I have abilities to set the properties.

Starting with a template

Work on the previously created template.

Do the following.

Create a new template.

Starting with a template


New from template.

Understanding File Formats.

I want to talk a little bit about file formats explain differences between Raster file format and Vector file format in CorelDraw basics lesson.

A raster file format is also referred to as bitmap is image mirror pixels.

A pixel is a smart unit. A picture that can be displayed or modified.

Resolution is the simple number of the pixels per inch or PPI in a bitmap grid.

The higher the PPI in other words pixels per inch the more information detail in the image. The main advantage the raster image is the ability to allow to smooth to control picture in the image.

Understanding file formats

CorelDraw Community.


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