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Content Management System Types.

Content Management System Types.

In this article I want to take moment to discuss some different of Content Management System types that you might consider, I do not want to break down specific Content Management System just yet.


There are literally hundreds of Content Management System types in the market and trying pinning down with single categories is too difficult.

  • It is a server type.
  • Industry-focused.
  • Featured sets.
  • Functionality.
  • Code bases.

All of these offering amazing possibilities.

Later on this title, we will focus on solution type such you might want to consider choosing the Content Management System types in this title.

I want to start by categorizing Content Management System by types focuses on either on specific industry or contents type.

Most of the time you can narrow for Content Management System by first choosing the solution type and then look Content Management System types they specialize in the area they focus on.

Now before we talk about types of CMSs.

I want to first discuss Enterprise CMS.

Although Enterprise CMS are a bit outside the scope of this course. I think in categorization CMSs has started here.

 CMS types

Content Management System Enterprise Content Management System is the robust scalable solution, they usually contain the hosted service.  Including business logic, analysis, and content services.

In many cases, the web content management system is part of the overall enterprise system.

These solutions are typically used for a large organization with complex documentation and content needs. The sound like you may want to focus on finding and development part of to teller enterprise-level solution specifically your needs.

Probably the best place to start when categorization Content Management System types are to start what I call the general-purpose Content Management System.


These systems have no specific areas focus but are designed to give you control over site architecture, content publishing, and site administration.

Most of these systems are extensible, allowing you to blog, E-Commerce, Calendars, and another source of advanced functionality to your sites.   or have existing modules to add functionality.

Popular Portal Content Management Systems are.

Blogging software has involved so much last 10 years, the majority of blogging platforms.


Therefore, many blogging platforms have evolved to the level of very sophisticated Web Content Management Systems.

Their focus is on the publishing and repurposing of content, primarily articles and text.


This kind of systems focuses mainly on the world E-Learning. Therefore many have a built-in function for creating curriculum, building quizzes, and support for multiple document types.


Solutions range from full-featured CMS to smaller, E-Commerce applications. For example Shopping carts, product management, billing, and security.


These Systems contain features. It allows to create and manage combined Wikis completely and also can be used alone or with other site tools.


Social Media also focus on the system who have capacities to enhance the online community, manage user profiles, and allows messages, and contents uploading.

 most cms cross category lines

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