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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Computer Types

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Computer Types

We distribute to Classification of Computer types into 03 computer types and these types of computers. These Computers perform different types of functions.

Therefore, these types of computers depending on the nature of work they perform and the way they get the input and produce the output.

Computer types

Computer Types

Digital Computer(A famous type in Computer Types.)

digital computer

Digital Computer (Used for General Purpose Computers).

The computers you use commonly at your offices, Universities, colleges, and homes, We call these computers digital computers.

Therefore, These computers are high in speed and these computers are programmable electronic devices.

They perform mathematical calculations to compare values and store results.

Numbers (or digits) that represent numerals letter or other special symbols are reduced to representation by 1s and OS which are why they are known as digital computers.

Analog Computers.

analog computers

Analog Computers (Used for Special or Specific purposes).

Therefore, We call these computer types special or specific purpose computers.

Because these types of computers have to design a special purpose and they perform that particular job.

Therefore We call to analog computers measuring devices.

Because it works on continuous data and deals with physical quantities.

The output is usually in the form of readings on dials or graphs a furnace, thermostat a fuel pumps a speedometer of a car, and an ECG machine.

In short, these are the best examples of analog computers.

Hybrid Computers.

Hybrid Computers

Hybrid Computers (Used for Special or Specific Purpose ).

These are also special or specific purpose computers.

Because they perform a certain set of jobs these are highly sophisticated systems used in sensitive areas.

Likewise. mainly in the research laboratories and defense.

In conclusion, A hybrid computer is a combination of digital and analog computers the radar systems installed at airports, and defense installations are also examples of hybrid computers.

Computer Definition

What is Information technology (IT)?

Computer Generations.

Computer History

Classification of the computer according to size.

Input Devices.

Output Devices.

Primary Storage Devices.

Secondary Storage Devices.

Application Software.

System Software.

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