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Computer Network Types

Computer Network Types.

In this article, we will learn about Computer Network Types. A network connects computers spread in different locations. It is based on hardware and specialized software, and by using these facilities.

Computer Network Types

We can develop the following types of networks.

  1. Local Area Network (LAN).
  2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
  3. Wide Area Network (WAN).


Computer Network Types.

1. Local Area Network.

local area networkThis is the most widely used network in organizations. It is the private network, means owned and operated by a single organization. Computers, called nodes/ workstations/terminals can be connected in a few kilo metres range. This network allows sharing of resources of service and information or data among the users of a network.

Different Type of LANs.

Different type of LANs is developed ranging low speed to medium speed to high-speed LANs. To develop a LAN, we need; computers, network cards, connector and LAN software called the network operating system(NOS)or the Netware. The popular Netware are Novell, NT, fantastic Banyan Vines, and several others.

Wireless LANs are also possible, and they are becoming very popular, as the problems with these LANs have been addressed. We will confine our discussion to will confine our discussion of wiring LANs these can be arranged in different ways, called the network topologies.

2.Metropolitan Area Network.

Metropolitan Area Network The same LAN technology and standards are used to create MANs they are infected with bigger LANs. A MAN  might cover a few buildings or the whole city MANs might be either private or public. It works on dual cable. Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB).

  •  Private MANs are owned and opened by a single organization.  It is a network created by an organization for its several offices in the same city.
  • Public MANs are owned by a single or several organizations but could be operated by any individual or any organization.
  • ATM networks installed by banks, Dawn fact service. The News info line service and Public Data Network (PDN) of PTC are a few examples of public MANs.

3. Wide Area Network.

Wide Area Net workWhen links are spread over geographical distances like countries or continents over telecommunication lines, it is referred to as a WAN.

Communication facilities like telephone lines microwave or satellites are used in this type of network.

Enterprise WAN is owned and operated by a single organization, having its operations in different parts of the world. The airline reservation system of any international airline could be the example of this Enterprise WAN.

Global WAN is owned by a single or several organizations but could be operated by any individual or any organization. America Online CompuServe and the Internet are the most common examples of Global WAN. Pr (GAN).

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