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Computer Input Devices.

Computer Input Devices.

Computer Input devices are those devices through which data is entered & transformed into machine-readable form.

The input of data is a must for data processing & transformed is given by the user which they want to be converted into information.

Therefore, Computer input devices are also called peripheral. A peripheral means, those devices attached to a computer.

computer input devices

Most Use-able input device Keyboard in Computer Input Devices

Keyboard is common device in Input Devices

Therefore, the keyboard is counted in most use-able devices in computer input devices. We have two type of keyboards, convention keyboard (old keyboards having 83/74 key) and the enhanced keyboards having 101/104/108/113/125/keys).

The standard keyboard today is the 101 keys keyboard A keyboard can be divided into.

Alphanumeric keypad (contains all of the letters, and symbols of a register typewriter), a numeric keypad (calculator like the keypad), Function keys (special functions) are perforation by these keys).

Therefore, the keys to controlling different operations.

Most Use-able device Mouse in Computer Input Devices

mouse is also most useable device in Input Devices

Today’s applications require the mouse, also known as a pointing device, an alternative to the keyboard as well.

It is also useable devices in conputer input devices.

Certainly, a mouse can be used for many applications, from games to drawing and design products with computer graphics.

The mouse has been around for more than 20 years.

Dough Engelhard developed the mouse as an alternative to the keyboard in the 1950s.

A mouse is used instead of an Enter (or Return)key on a keyboard.

The mouse is an input device that usually contains one to four buttons.

As a user moves user presses one of the buttons, the mouse either marks a place on the screen or makes selections from date menus on the screen.



A trackball is an input device that uses a hard sphere to control cursor movement.

The ball can be rotated by hand in any direction. The trackball translates the direction and speed of rotation of the sphere into a digital signal used to control the cursor.



A joystick is a device that uses a lever to control the position of the cursor.

It internally translates the position and speed of the lever into digital signals that are sent to the computer to control the cursor movement.

Most people are familiar with the joystick as the device used to play video games.

 Touch Sensitive Screen.

Touch Sensitive Screen

The touch screen is a device that accepts input when a finger or other object touches the screen. Touch-screens emit a grid of infrared beams.

Sound waves or slight electric current, which is broken when the screen is touched.

The computer sensed the location where the current was broken and responds appropriately.

 Light Pen

Light Pen

In touch screens, the input can be given by touching the specialized screen.

But to use this touch capability on a simple screen.

The solution is the light pen-an input device that can make selections, place objects, or indicate dimensions by simply touching the screen.

A light pen does not emit light rather, it reacts to light through a photosensitive detector at its tip and signals screen position to the computer.

 Graphic Pen Tablet.

Graphic Pen Tablet

Digitizer uses a special pad, called a graphics tablet, on which the graphics pen is used to draw the object.

The graphics tablet is pressure sensitive.

Meaning if the graphics pen is used with pressure, it draws a thick line.

 Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition.

Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition

Magnetic-Ink character recognition (MICR), mainly used by the banking industry can recognize 14 characters (10 digits and 4 special characters needed for bank processing).

These characters are written in special magnetic ink, readable by the human eye. Magnetic ink is used on documents, such as bank cheques and credit card slips.

Because the MICR reader can read the magnetic characters, no matter how much a user might have written over them.

Magnetic Stripes.

Megnatic stripe

Magnetic stripes are fast becoming popular and used in debit cards, charge cards, job cards and used to limit access to high-security areas.

It is a band of magnetically encoded data found on the back of these cards. The data stored on a card vary from one application to another, but they include account numbers or special codes.

Telips payphone card also carries this magnetic strip, which holds the information about the number of calls made a time/unit used.

Most use-able Device Scanners Computer Input Devices.

Scanners is most use able device in Input Devices

Scanners use laser beams and reproduced light to interpret images of text, drawings, photos and the like into the digital form and that image can be managed by a computer, for displaying on a monitor, stored and storage device, or communicated to another computer.

 Bar Code Reader.

Bar Code Reader

For example, scanning devices include readers for barcodes, the vertical zebra striped marks you see on most manufactured retail products.

However, supermarkets, food manufacturers, and others have agreed to use a bar code system called the Universal Product Code.

 Automated Teller Machines.

Automated Teller Machines

Automated Teller Machines (ATM), sometimes called Auto Cash Teller Machines as well, are devices.

Which allows drawing money without going to the banks, the service is available 24 hours a day.

Moreover, they are installed at the premises of the financial institution or at public places like supermarkets.

  Credit/Charge Card Terminals.

Credit Card Terminals

Therefore, These terminals are installed at the checkout counters, of hotels, hospitals, and airline offices.

Machine Vision Systems.

Machine Vision Systems

Finally, Machines can be used to see through cameras, to enter the patterns and match them with already fed patterns in the system to verify something or to perform an operation.

Computer definition. 

What is Information technology (IT)?

Computer Generations.

Computer History.

The Classification of Computer Type.

Classification of computer according to size.

Output Devices.

Primary Storage Devices.

Secondary Storage Devices.

Application Software.

System Software.

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