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Computer Generations.

Computer Generations improved in speed, power, and efficiency and recognized as a progression of generations. However, There are 05 Computer Generations.

Computer Generations

FIRST GENERATION (1940-1956) .

vacuum tube in Computer Generationshe major invention was the vacuum tube, therefore these computers were so large and bulky, and we used to enter data through Punched Cards and produced data Using machine language and assembly language.

As a result, the input-output devices were slow.

The major machines developed in Computer Generations was UNIVAC-I.

SECOND GENERATION (1956 – 1963) Computer Generations.

transistors in Computer Generations

In other words, The main characteristics of 2nd generation computers were transistors.

The transistors developed in 1947 at bell labs and used in computers in 1959.

 The transistors were less expensive and smaller and they required less electricity and they also reduced the size of computers considerably.


integrated circuit

The third generation started with the use of IC  (integrated circuit).

IC was manufactured by machinery and resulted in lower cost and increased power magnetic disks so, it improved and used more for storage monitors and keyboard.

Therefore it introduced for input and output operations the IBM/360 series, which allowed necessary upgrading or expansion.

The digital equipment corporation introduced the first minicomputer PDP-1 it was substantially cheaper than a mainframe and affordable for smaller businesses.

Major 3rd generation computers include IBM/360. IBM /370 UNIVAC 1108 UNIVAC 9000 series.


microprocessor in Computer Generations

The fourth Generation started In 1971 and powerful microprocessor intel 8008 was the invention that time and using this microprocessor in the personal computer the induction of PCs.

Therefore, it made to computer systems affordable to small businesses and homes In 1982 IBM introduced PC/at.

In 1985 386 and in 1989 486 and in 1993 PENTIUMS were introduced,  laptops and notebook were also introduced for mobile users.

FIFTH GENERATION (Present & Beyond).

artificial intelligence

 Other people believe that the fifth generation will start with the creation and use of computers with (artificial intelligence) also indicates the ability to perform human-like thinking and reasoning.

So, the introduction of computer generations starts from the first generation (1940-1956) to fifth-generation (present & beyond).

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