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Computer Definition.

In this article, we will learn about Computer definition. The word Computer has been taken from the “Latin Term” “Computare”.  Which means ” to calculate” “to count”.

However, the term computer means an electronic device with certain characteristics like high speed, memory, and storage, etc.

What is Computer

Furthermore, In simple terms, to get the computer definition as the computer is an electronic data processing machine.

It receives data as input from input devices, processes the data, performs arithmetic and logical actions on the alike and produces output in the wanted form on output devices as per instructions coded in the program. The stored program directs the processing functions of the computer.

Computer Definition As Usage.

We use the computer in the field of science and technology, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Weather forecasting, Space exploration, Power generation systems, airport, seaports, railways, TV stations, Radio stations, Telecommunication, and so on.


Today no organization whether government or private is operating without computers. Because There is no concept of an office without computers just like the telephone and fax.

Because There is no concept of an office without computers just like the telephone and fax.

A computer is an essential machine for running the business efficiently and effectively. Here we use  the computer for the purpose of:

  • We use Word processing for electronic type and editing to develop professional-looking documents.
  • Decision support systems allow computerized spreadsheet analysis and modeling for planning, budgeting, and analysis of business performance for supporting the decision-making process.
  • Database Management is electronic record keeping, queries and report generation, and is one of the most important uses in the businesses.
  • The graphic is auto generations graphics and charts based on the data provided by the user and making drawings if different kinds of images and pictures.
  • Communications has connected computers within the office and with the computers in other offices, cities and countries, allowing the user to communicate easily. They can send and receive data at high speed saving the precious time of the users. Faculties like the internet and e-mail are very common today.

The Computer Definition in More Detail.


In every industry, today, the plants and machinery have a computer system. These machines work in a very smart manner, giving more control to the people who are operating them.


Defense, almost an important area for any nation is not an exception, all the tools related to the armed forces is covered. From fighter planes to submarines to ships to missile to tanks to other equipment, computers are operating behind them.


Computers reserving as teachers, so they can guide and assist students in learning various things computers are widely used by teachers and students to communicate with each other.

Try Google Computer Education.

Personal and Home use.

Home management, personal finance, getting recipes for different dishes is another area where computers are playing their role.


Finally, These computers are very good video games as well, you can play various games. Music and movies are other entertaining facilities where computers are extremely good at.

After having discussed some of the uses of computers we are discussing the history of computing/computers so that the students have an idea of the rapid development that we have in this field.

What is Information technology (IT)?

Computer Generations.

Computer History.

The Classification of Computer Type.

Classification of computer according to size.

Input Devices.

Output Devices.

Primary Storage Devices.

Secondary Storage Devices.

Application Software.

System Software.

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