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Microsoft Word 2016

How to Customize Word.


How to Customize Word. In this lesson, we will learn about customize word, where I have discussed the following topics. Changing Microsoft Word default settings. Customizing the Ribbon. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar. Changing Word default settings. Learning How to change the Microsoft default setting is very necessary for everyone. …

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Reviewing Word Document.


Reviewing word Document. In this lesson, we will learn about Microsoft Reviewing Word Document where we will discuss Inserting and reviewing comments, Tracking changes, and showing markup, Accepting or rejecting changes, Comparing and combining documents. Inserting and reviewing comments. Tracking changes and showing markup. Accepting or rejecting changes. Comparing and …

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Illustrating word document


Illustrating word document 2016. In this lesson, We will learn to illustrate word document, where I have discussed topics like how to insert pictures and shapes, and its Positioning, rotating, and sizing pictures also, including this we will learn also Wrapping text around graphics, Using a table to organize text …

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Understanding Page Formatting in Word


Understanding Page Formatting in Word. In this lesson we will learn will understand Microsoft Word Format Page, also we will learn about changing pages size, margins, orientations, Using headers, footers, and page numbering, organizing a document with sections, Adding page backgrounds, borders, and watermarks. Margins. Orientation. Changing page size. Using …

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