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When is A CMS Right for You?

When is A CMS Right for You?

In this article, we will learn about When is CMS Right for You? Where will we study some important point regarding is CMS right for us?

CMS Right

Can CMS really do all that?

The answer is (It depends).

CMS Points.

  • You can create websites without knowing HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Using CMS will reduce your costs.
  • A CMS will speed up development and deployment time.

Things Designers Should Know.

Things Designers Should Know.

  • Learning to set up and control any CMS takes time.
  •  Don’t turn to a CMS to avoid learning scripting languages.
  • Check out the online resources & community forums to get a better understanding of the complexity of the CMS.
  •   I recommended learn PHP.

The Things Non-Designers Should know.

The Things Non-Designers Should know.

  • Knowing HTML & CSS is still important when working with a CMS.
  • Default templating structures often have limitations.
  • If you do not have time to learn the basics of web design, you will need to consider using outside help for site customizations.

Things Larger Organizations Should Know.

Things Larger Organizations Should Know.

  •  You must have dedicated resources to deal managing your CMS.
  • Changes to internal process can be time consuming and expensive.
  •  Depending upon requirements, open-resource systems often require additional overhead and investment to set up and maintain.

When is A CMS Right for a Freelancer?

 When is A CMS Right for a Freelancer

  • If you need to design complex sites with advanced functionality.
  • Make sure your clients are ready for a CMS managed site.
  • Do yo have the time to assist and support your client’s transition to a CMS?
  • Take the time to find the CMS that is right for you and your clients.

When is a CMS Right for an Organization?

 When is a CMS Right for an Organization

  • Take time to evaluate your entire process to make sure a CMS is right for you.
  • Does your workflow lend itself to a CMS driven site?
  • Clearly, identify your problems and be realistic about what a CMS can do to solve them for you.





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