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Understanding CMS Issues

Understanding CMS Issues.

In the last lesson, I talked about some CMS features, you should consider when you pick CMS In this lesson, I want to talk about CMS issues that equally important features that often overlooked until CMS is installed and use. So make sure pay to close attention.

CMS Issues

First, take a close look at the security offered by your CMS. Having your site is hacked the last thing you want. Especially in E-Commerce that is a component of your site where you store the client information.



  • Sites can contain sensitive information that can be vulnerable to hackers.
  •  Unless you have specific technical knowledge, judging security can be difficult.
  • Read community forums carefully to see how often security issues arise.
  • Having a security consultant review your CMS choice is a wise investment.

 CMS Issues.



  • The ability to find content is one of the most critical components of successful sites.
  • As you test a CMS out, pay attention to how well the search features work.
  • Test it for both the speed of searches as well as the ability to search in multiple ways.
  • Look at how results are displayed and whether or not you can customize them.
  • Do you need all content, such as PDF or Word files, to be indexed?

3-Code Generation.

 Code Generation

  • Is the code lean, standards-compliant and accessible?
  • Poorly generated code will impact site performance.
  • Generated URL’s should be SEO friendly.

4-CMS Licensing.


  • Read the license agreement closely.
  • License fees are often per-seat, which can greatly impact the final cost.
  • You may be limited in how you can modify or extend the source code.
  • Don’t assume that an open-source system has the GNU GPL license.



  • Check the type of documentation available for the systems you’re reviewing.
  • Look for detailed documentation that is written in a clear style.
  • Well written install and quick-start guides can be very helpful when starting out.

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