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How to Use CMS Hosting Solutions

How to Use CMS Hosting Solutions.

A little earlier we talked about some different types of content management system you can choose from. Starting with this topic we talk about the different solution available to you.

When implemented CMS and want to start with options we have not talked much about CMS hosting solutions.

CMS Hosting

The Pros and Cons of CMS Hosting Solutions.

A hosted solution is an all in one site creation and hosting service. They usually have the CMS as one of the components of its services.

Most CMS has the best number of features. Including advanced web analytics, site building tools, marketing campaign tools and more.

Their design gives to individual designers, small teams, or small or medium-sized organizations.   The tools that normally be out of reach.

Like most options three are the pros and cons of using the hosted solutions.

hosted solutions

CMS Hosting Solution Pros

·         Most offer a tone of features and tools beyond the most content management system offer individually. Many offer a blog, e-commerce solutions, marketing campaigns and web analytics. In addition normal CMS tools.

·         Hosted solutions often offer more complete toolsets than another service.

·         Most are as easy to set up and manage, with no manual installs required.

·         Many services include site-building tools and WYSIWYG editors.

·         Reseller options give you the ability to create a revenue stream from client-hosted sites.

·         Some even allow you to brand your own portal.

CMS Hosting Solutions Cons.

·         First, you would expect such a feature-rich solution. This service can be a little bit pricy with monthly subscriptions cost. Usually differing based on the level of service you need.

·         Service can cost more than other CMS solution.

·         Cheaper hosted plans often come with ad services or usage restrictions.

·         You become tied to their hosting plan.

·         In some instances, migration to another service can be difficult.

·         hosted solutions tend to offer broad feature sets, not focused once.

Hosting Solution Examples.

Now we have discussed what is Hosted solution is?  Now let’s take a look example: you can feel that what is a type of solution you are going to find. There are so many CMSs on the market.

It is impossible, to show you all of the options that are available. Even giving a comprehensive overview. What have I done to select a few options?

Which will give you an idea of the types of solutions you can come across, begin to compare them.

 enterprise level hosted solutons

Enterprise Level Hosted Solutions.

· Full-service solutions with highly scalable services..

· This service typically offer full turn-key service from planning to implementation

·         Compass Web Publishing is representative of these services.

Adobe Business Catalyst.

 Adobe Business Catalyst

·         Full service, large scale solution focusing on building online businesses.

·         Some of the most comprehensive feature sets and tools on the market.

·         Tiered pricing based on service levels.

·         One time partner fee to join.



·         Robust CMS features with a focus on e-Commerce.

·         Verb’s reseller program allows you to direct bill your clients.

·         Free sandbox area to develop client’s sites.



·         Full-featured CMS that allows you to build with modular design tools.

·         Starting with templates, you drag and drop features to pages as needed.

·         Supports custom CSS and templates as well.



·         Hosts your content in the cloud.

·         Robust API and ability to publish content as XML, JSON, PHP and give flexibility to reusing content.

·         Content can be created, updated, and managed through their console.

·         Tiered pricing based on the number of content sections.



·         Both solutions host your content, not your site.

·         You simply markup your site where you want to manage content.

·         You can then access and manage your client through the online service.

·         Services include image management, branded portals, and page creation.



·         Many people want the power of an open-source CMS without having to do the install.

·         Drupal  Gardens and will host installs for you.

·         The hosting platform handles installs, upgrades, and maintenance.

Hosting Provider Installs.

·         Most hosting companies offer simple CMS installs & site building tools as part of their hosting plans.

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