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CMS Features

CMS Features.

In this lesson, we will focus on CMS features. You should explore when comparing the systems. Unfortunately, people often just do not know how about the Content Management System features to make a decision and what to research.

CMS Features

How CMS Control Page Management.

  • One of the most important tasks of the CMS that Creating, organizing and managing pages is a core feature of all CMS.
  • Don’t assume the page management features you need are included.
  • Make sure the core page management features that you need are available in an intuitive, organized workflow.

CMS Features.

How Adding and Modifying Content.

  • Is the content editor intuitive and easy to use?
  • Will your clients or team members require extensive training in order to use it?
  •  How are processes like uploading alternative content types handled?

Asset Management.

  • Will your site need to manage content other than next?
  • Needing control PDFs, word documents, or other document types is often specialized.
  • What processes are in place to tag and organize the content?
  • Pay attention to any specialized processes you may need, like the automatic generation of thumbnails.

Templates or Themes.

  • Designers will require a system with easily customization templates or themes
  • Other organizations may want to limit the amount of customization possible.
  •  Look for systems that properly separate structure and presentation and generate clear, standards-compliant code.
  •  If you are a non-designer, look for a system that features a wide selection of templates and themes to assist in customizing your site.

Groups and Permissions.

  • If your workflows require multiple contributors, look for systems that have flexible user groups and permissions.
  • Pick a system that allows you to work as you would normally.
  • Understanding your team, and their roles can help you pick CMSs to match them.

Multiple Site Support.

  • Can the CMS support more than one site per install?
  • This makes updating installs across multiple sites easier.
  • For organizations, you can launch sub-brand sites or intranet sites without requiring a separate install.

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