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A Closer Look at WordPress

A Closer Look at WordPress.

Although starting off as the primarily blogging platform. The WordPress has grown the robust CMS that now driving estimated more than 25 million web sites. This huge number which droves CMS for Drupal and Joomla. It is more the result the types of the sites WordPress use for rather than any clear functional advantage to other to I come back to that point for now I want to examine WordPress little closer by taking how manages the content and build site.


This CMS allows to you organize the content by using the categories and tags. Categories can be arranged by hierarchy and allow to develop overall structure organization the content.

Tags are another hand are single levels and offer you way to add more meaning and organization articles and content.

It also allows you to assign multiple categories and tags to individual piece of content making easy to establish relationship and create highly descriptive content. 

Organizing Content In WordPress.

organizing content in wordpress

Building site structuring page in WordPress is based heavily in blogging nature. WordPress simple pages in module way with sidebar, footer, and header existing an external file. These files are called templates.   



  • Themes control page layout and site construction.
  • Themes are a collection of templates, functions, and CSS files.
  • Theme developers can extend core WordPress functionality.


  • Building themes and controlling the WordPress loop takes technical skill.
  • Installing and changing themes is amazingly simple.
  • Changing a theme can change the look, layout, and functionality of a site.
  • The vast majority of users never create their own themes, they simply download and install new themes to change their sites.

Additional Features.

  • Large number of plugins allow you to add new features.
  • Robust roles and permissions that can be extended through plugins.
  • Easy to track revisions and revert to older content.
  • Multilingual support through plugins.
  • Multisite support.

Common  Usage.

  • The functionality lends itself to smaller sites with simple structures.
  • Hundreds of themes makes it simple to customize sites.
  • Huge developer community makes it easy to find development help.
  • For simple sites, it’s doubtful you’ll need outside help.
  • Creating more complex, non-blog oriented sites can be frustrating.

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