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How to Choose Domain Name

How to Choose Domain Name

Although its seems like a choose domain name and Registering a domain name. The domain would be one of the simple task in web designing.  It can actually be little Frustrating there are so much so many registered domains out there finding one you want in some time seems possible I am going to offer some suggestions to choose domain name and then some of the different ways you can register them.

 Choose Domain Name

First thing you mustto consider in choosing Domain Name, which top level domain you want to register your site.

Choose A Top-Level Domain.

Common top-level domain.

  • .com, .org, .net, .info.
  • Often people will register multiple top level domains to the same site.
  • Country domains like .fr, .io, and .de, .pk are becoming more popular, but might have restrictions on site registration.

When you choose domain name, it is important be flexible that your clients can understand.

  • Be flexible.
  • Have a list of alternate names to choose from if your first choice isn,t available.
  1. Morris flowers.   
    • morrisflowers.com.
    • Flowersbymorris.com.
    • Morrispetals.com.
    • Morrisflorist.com.

Make it memorable.

Try to make sure your domain name is memorable for visitors.

  • Visitors should be able to type the address by memory.
  • If the only way to access your site is through clicking a link your site won’t be as successful.
  • Shorter URLs are better, bur being memorable is more important.

mohamamdramzanwebdisign.com is long, but memorable.

Registering Domains.

  • you can use a dedicated domain register or do it through a hosting company.
  • cost  shouldn’t be an issue’ so it’s primarily a personal choice.
  • If you already have a hosting company it. Makes sense to use them so you won’t have to transfer the domain.

Domain Ownership.

  •  Make sure that when registering the domain you own it, and not the hosting company.
  •  Transferring domains can only be done by the owner of the site.
  •  If you’re registering a domain for a client make sure that you work out domain ownership prior to registering it.

Final Thoughts.

  • Once you want to register a site do it right away.
  • After registering a domain note the primary and secondary name servers for it.
  •  You’ll need to know this so that your domain gets directed to the proper site.






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