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WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Plugins. Welcome to WordPress SEO Plugins, in this course, we will know two different plugins, that can help your site, more shareable, and easy to find on social networks, and in search engines. First, we will know All in One SEO plugin, and use a basis to understand …

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Custom WordPress Email.


Custom WordPress Email. In this article, we will learn about Custom WordPress email. Just one small thing before we get started, I have small tips for you and you can choose whether you follow, or not, this is part of my work process and it may be your part too. …

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WordPress Files

WordPress Files

What to Back Up in WordPress. Now you know why the backup the matters now it is also important to know, what to backup I mean which WordPress files should be back up. After all, WordPress is the complex machine, with many moving, parts, and it is important to know, …

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Why WordPress Backup.


Why WordPress Backup. In this article, we will know about WordPress backup. I want to address the question why you want to have WordPress backup routine in place for your WordPress site. Beginning, you may assume that, once you pay to someone, post your site on the web, they should …

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Two Factor Authentications


Two Factor Authentications. In addition, to limit the number of time that someone can try to guess the password on login page on your WordPress site, it also is a good idea to add some additional security barriers like Two Factor Authentications for your WordPress site. That’s the good reason …

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WordPress Limit Login Attempts


WordPress Limit Login Attempts. In this lesson, we will learn about limit login attempts plugins. In previous lessons, we saw how to change user behaviors, to make your WordPress site more secure, then how can you lock down WordPress harden the files and folders, with new WordPress Installations, and also …

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WordPress Code Editor Function.


WordPress Code Editor Function. One of the most specific editor of WordPress that is called WordPress code editor Function, that can be extremely destructive. It comes with WordPress by default. I show you why it creates a problem. Let’s see WordPress code editor Function. Go to Appearance. At the bottom …

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