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How Google Analytics Works


How Google Analytics Works? Before we dive in google the analytics platform, I want to talk first about the what’s going on, under the hood, by understanding how to Google analytics works. You will be better equipped to identify the problems with your setup or understand why certain data normally …

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Introduction to Google Analytics.


Introduction to Google Analytics. Welcome to Google Analytics Essential training, in this course, we will walk through ins and out, of using Google Analytics, that measure the performance of your website. Firstly, Google Analytics is used to analyze your website and understand your customer. Whether you start your own home-based …

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Using Keywords.


Using Keywords. Now time for Using Keywords, Search terms, in most popular for our business. Then we can use, terms that the develop our strategy, so, the first step to keyword research is brains storming as you relate to your category. What of the top things you are looking for …

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What is keyword

What is keyword

What is keyword Keyword or Keywords term like, are the way of people think in short format, people are inspired by ideas, they have questions, they want to know just something, and the behaviors change dramatically, in the age of search engine, because we have answers immediately on fingertips. SEO …

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Crawl Factors


Understanding Google Crawl Factors. The last section of Google search console is crawl reports. We have handful reports, and you can see them here, on left-hand navigation, we have crawl errors, which is the page I am on, crawl states, fetches google, robot.txt tester, sitemaps, and URL parameter. The crawl …

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Google index


Evaluating the Google Index. Moving along the reports, let’s take a minute look google index section within this section, you also have index status,  Blocked resources, and opportunities Remove URLs. Now I am here index status page, and This report will be open in the new Google Search Console. This section …

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Search Traffic


Overview of Google Search Traffic.   The search traffic section is very helpful for identifying how often you, the site appears in Google, search result, who is linking to your site, any negative actions. Google has taken on your site, and information on your mobile user ability, there is a …

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Search Appearance

search appearance

Reviewing Google Search Appearance. The search appearance is the first section looking at in Google search console if you select link label search appearance in left-hand navigation you see the drop down you have 05 options. Structure data. Rich Cards. Data Highlighter. HTML improvements. Accelerated Mobile Pages. 1-Structure Data. Now …

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Google Search Console

google search-console

Understanding Google Search Console. The google search console is the most important tools, you can have in arsenal I talk about Google search console formally google webmaster tool. It is honestly worth the few minutes to take the setup, regardless of your site, this is a fantastic service that helps …

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