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Install google analytics WordPress

google analytics WordPress

Install Google Analytics WordPress. In this lesson, we will learn to Install google analytics WordPress. Once you have finished the Setup Google Analytics of your account you are going to be taken this screen which includes your tracking code. Google Analytics adds really valuable tracking to your website it is …

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Understanding SEO techniques


Understanding SEO Techniques. In this lesson, we will learn SEO techniques. Which are used commonly and it is very important to understand these two techniques. As with any manufacturing as large as SEO, you’ll get many different opinions about the most real ways to approach site optimization. There are two …

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Google Analytics Tracking


Google Analytics Tracking. In this lesson, we will learn about Google Analytics Tracking. You need to start tracking your website. Before you begin to improve rank otherwise you having complete data to really understand the value of the effort in SEO. However, it is necessary to first thing about what …

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How to Setup Google Analytics


Setup Google Analytics. In this lesson, we will learn about how to Setup Google Analytics. A google analytics account is more the container source, it can be used for one purpose or group the data multiple sites together. A property is just a website or mobile application each property gets …

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Google Analytics Terminology

Google Analytics Terminology

Google Analytics Terminology. As we explored the world of Google analytics, now we are going to know the google analytics terminology that to may be unfamiliar, I do my best that explain these terms. Understanding Google Analytics Terminology,  I want to give you explanations that you can quickly review these …

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How Google Analytics Works


How Google Analytics Works? Before we dive in google the analytics platform, I want to talk first about the what’s going on, under the hood, by understanding how to Google analytics works. You will be better equipped to identify the problems with your setup or understand why certain data normally …

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Introduction to Google Analytics.


Introduction to Google Analytics. Welcome to Google Analytics Essential training, in this course, we will walk through ins and out, of using Google Analytics, that measure the performance of your website. Firstly, Google Analytics is used to analyze your website and understand your customer. Whether you start your own home-based …

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Using Keywords.


Using Keywords. Now time for Using Keywords, Search terms, in most popular for our business. Then we can use, terms that the develop our strategy, so, the first step to keyword research is brains storming as you relate to your category. What of the top things you are looking for …

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