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Introduction to Computer

System Software.

System Software

System Software. System software is kind of software. Which is designed to control and working with computer hardware. Users directly use some system software and some system software runs in the background and also allow to users to interact directly with hardware functionality. System software comprises three basic components: Operating …

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Application Software.

Application software

Application Software. Application software is the kind of software. So, Software is consist of the instruction that tells the computer how to perform a task. The software is written in special code by programmers, and the software is then copied by the manufacturer onto a storage medium. Such as CD-ROM. …

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Primary Storage Devices.

Primary storage devices

Primary Storage Devices. Primary storage devices stock nonvolatile data in computers. The memory unit is the internal memory of the computer. This can temporarily store computer programs and data during execution parts of main memory may contain permanently stored instructions that tell what to do when a computer is turned …

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Output Devices.

output devices

Output Devices. Output devices are also peripheral devices that enable a computer to communicate information to humans or other machines. Therefore, These devices receive date from a computer and transform them into a usable Output can be categorized as soft-copy or hard-copy. Soft-Copy (Output Devices). Normally, We get output on …

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Input Devices.

input devices

Input Devices. Input devices are those devices through which data is entered & transformed into machine-readable form. The input of data is a must for data processing & transformed is given by the user which they want to be converted into information. Therefore, input devices are also called peripheral. A …

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Computer History

computer history

Computer History In this article, we will learn about Computer history. Where will discuss from the start to end, we will include the following topics: 1.    The Dark Ages starts from (3000 B.C To 1890 A.D). 2.    The middle ages start from (1890 A.D To 1944 A.D.). 3.    The Modern …

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Computer Generations

Computer Generations

Computer Generations. Computer Generations improved in speed, power, and efficiency and recognized as a progression of generations. However, There are 05 Computer Generations.   FIRST GENERATION (1940-1956) . he major invention was the vacuum tube, therefore these computers were so large and bulky, and we used to enter data through …

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