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Introduction to Camtasia Recorder Studio.

Introduction to Camtasia Recorder Studio.

Let’s see Camtasia recorder, Camtasia recorder is an application which is used to record the screen, microphone, and another input like the webcam to launch the Camtasia Recorder from Camtasia studio all you need to do is go to the upper left-hand corner, your screen and click on the button which says record screen.

Camtasia Recorder Studio.

 record option

record option second

Choosing the Screen Area.

 all select area

Introduction to Camtasia Recorder Studio.

From left to right the left side of the application allows selecting the area in which your recording is going to take place, here you see the area highlighted, by looking at the Small dash green line that is located outside the screen.

 choosing area

Let’s see some options that are used to  select the exact area of the screen we want to capture as part of Camtasia recorder if you follow along

  1. Full screen: it means recording will be captured as a full screen.

 full screen definition

Besides full-screen option next, we have the Custom option which has serval options see in below images.

 custom size

Here you can select according to your own need, but I recommended you use your current monitor or LCD resolution setting.

Tip: experiment with individual setting option.

Next, we can also use the Select area to record.

Select rea record: means when you click on that option it will ask for your input.

 select area to record

select area option

 select area option

After clicking the above button then you have to select the area according to your wish.

Next, we have dimensions.

dimension select area

When you increase or decrease the selection with mouse handles than you will notice that size will be increased and decrease in dimension.

Once you selected the area of your recording the next area of the Camtasia recorder then we need to pay attention to Record Inputs.

Record Inputs.

record inputs

After clicking the above button then you have to select the area according to your wish.

Recorded inputs here we can choose, whether or not we want to include video coming from our webcam, whether we have or not audio recording from a microphone or any custom settings from microphone we need to make if we have decided that we have one of the item selected.

Such as audio we can click only time to microphone, and red x will appear, that indicated that input is not going to record.

If we click on input type again, we can turn in input item back on, and we will see a green check, the mark indicating the that items are being recorded.

There are two options webcam and audio both settings we can make here.

Capturing audio.

Now let’s see audio capture setting. That is available inside Camtasia Recorder.

audio options

Finally, we have record button over on the right-hand side, now you click on recorder button, a warning will pop up an on-screen, letting you know that to stop the recording, you can simply press the f10 on the keyboard then you get any key you have set then you will count down 3 2 1.

click record option

After clicking on rec than countdown will start from 3 2 1 and you can press “F10” for stopping recording. Then Camtasia recorder, begin recording screen and any of the selected, recorded input, go ahead and click on the record button, get a warning.

click record option

before recording step

before recording step

before recording step

Get a warning noting that the F10 a key to stop countdown time, now Camtasia studio is recording our screen if we move our mouse over the screen, just little bit, we will be captured in the recording, press the f10 key from your keyboard, to stop the recording, as soon the recording stops then Camtasia studio automatically opens up the preview, of our recording.

Exploring Camtasia Recorder Options.

Let’s explore the options in the Camtasia Recorder. Just like the options inside the Camtasia studio. Options in the recorder can have a profound effect on the video you capture.

I work through one it makes a big different show you what I do and hopefully, that gives you enough information to make a call a what we work best for you. You can access these options a few ways.

  1. Open recorder.

open recorder

  1. Tools.


  1. Options.

You will get another window just like below image.

 The General Tab.

general tabI turned off the show tooltips. I do not want to balloon screen up during my recording, if you still getting your feed way Camtasia you might want to leave this on but I recommended turn this off, during your recording.

The second option is warning me when recorded will record keep it on I mean apply check.

After that, we have the capture section.

Here everything should be checked I am not going to go for each one and so trust me to let them like it.

In saving section.  Leave as. trec the editing options are just, better than straight avi recordings also avi recording do not capture your system audio or webcam.

Let’s look at the file options I like ask for the file, I would like to my file name as I create files and second by default option is the automatic file name with your prefix you can do that or Camtasia will do for you.

So I am leaving at asking for file name option and hit the ok button.

file options

automatic file name

I have also my temp folder, set to default or separate drive or folder.

The default is c drive and it is fine, but if you have the separate drive, now only will keep your c drive, from getting the filled up, but also it will help us, run faster.

Input Tab.

input tab

For video screen capturing I leave it 30 frames per second, I know some people drop this down, 15 or even lower, they cut on file size, but when you capture at lower frame rate, you can never increase it.

If in part of my capture, regulars 24 or 30 frames per seconds, video it is going to look funny I can also render my file video, lower frame rate, if I want to now videos settings will be, grade out and you can switch to avi format as I mentioned before, I never do almost, and now look that.

Audio: now same for audio setting, and let’s your, recording in avi their grade out, of course, want to make sure, the correct device is selected/chosen in case my mic/or headset, now the web came is, kind of tutorial itself.

I am not, going to deeper, into this, basically, of course choosing the whether or not want to record with your webcam, in this case, so I am not recording with my webcam, we have device property in case of when we select webcam ad these are just my webcam I am not going to show not work for your webcam.

After there are format settings, I leave my colour space, at RGB 24 this works great, you can also change your output size, right here, now be aware of the increase, it seems to be very, texting on Camtasia, so leave as the default setting.

I always leave this 30 frame per seconds, you can drop it 24 and keep thing natural, but it is best if you match your screen capture rate, and I like to mentioned always almost capture, 30 frames per seconds, now if you drop to 15 or lower, going to have a good webcam, hit the ok and turn off your webcam.

 Hotkeys Tab.


Now I probably know, hotkeys are just keys, these are basically keyboard shortcuts, you can change the whatever they want to only one I have changed, either record pause, and stop keys, did I so reach keys wit looking the default is F9 and F10 and I always hitting wrong keys.

You can see below image and you can set hotkeys according to your need. So I am going with the default.

Program Tab.

 program tab

Above shown in the image is great and leave it.

Hit the ok.

Noted: these are my own options preferences, you may have completely different workflow the nice thing, the option is these can easily be changed.

Camtasia Studio.

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