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Working with Camtasia Effects

In this lesson, we will learn how to work with Camtasia Effects. We will step through the basic process adding the Callouts and configuring the particular area of your screen.

Camtasia Effects

If you want to draw your user’s attention to a particular portion of the screen or highlight some piece of information on the screen.

  1. Open exercise file
  2. Zoom in
  3. 1 Working with callouts
  4. In the above screen, there are a couple of shapes that are available to add
  5. When you double click on any callouts than it will go to canvas into the project.

To Remove Callouts.

It is very simple. Just click on callouts from the timeline and press delete key from the keyboard.

Besides the callouts, you can also use the Arrows & Lines, Shapes, Blur & Highlight, Sketch & Motion, Keystroke Callouts.

Animating Visual Properties.

Another way to add visual interest to your learner’s attention action on screen is by using the animation of your objects to have on your canvas.  In this lesson, step through the process creating the animation inside the Camtasia studio to begin.

2 Animating visual properties

Creating Zoom-n-Pan Effects.

Another way to really draw your learner’s attention to a particular action is taking place on screen is used to zoom and pane effect. The zoom effect allows us to zoom in to the particular area of the screen.

The pane effect allows us to move that zoomed area to another location on the screen. The combination of two effects very powerful when you create instructional videos.

3 Creating Zoom-n-Pan effects

Using Smart Focus.

In the earlier lessons, we talked about using various different techniques for applying the effects of smart focus than our movie. In this lesson.

A smart focus is available in animation.

4 Using SmartFocus

Using Cursor Effects.

Another great feature of Camtasia Studio is the ability to add cursor effects to your project. If you record your screencast using Camtasia studio and save your project .rec file.  You can take advantage of cursor animation in built-in Camtasia studio.

5 Using cursor effects

Adding Transitions.

A great way to really polish your video that makes sure that you add a transition between key clip in your video. In this case.

6 Adding transitions

Select the transition.

Drag and drop in the timeline.

Transition works as a select and drop.

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