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How to Use Bullets and Numbering in Word.

How to Use Bullets and Numbering in Word.

In this article, we will learn about Bullet numbering. When you need list items in a word document here in Microsoft word 2016. You can really make it visually interesting by adding bullets and numbering.

Sometimes list has to be followed within a specific order you might want to use numbering. Bullets and Numbering in Word are mostly used. Including Bullets numbering Multilevel list is also very useful for creating a list.


Home Tab:

You would see that there are 03 options are available of bullets and numbering on Home Tab.

1.       Bullets.

2.       Numbering.

3.       Multilevel List.

all bullets and numering





Multilevel List

Multilevel List

How to Apply Bullets and Numbering.

  • Select Text.
  • Home Tab.
  • Select Bullets or Number.
  • Bullets Library.

Bullets Library

Numbering Library.

Numbering Library


 define bullets

define numbers

Editing and formatting lists.

The beauty of creating the list in Microsoft word 2016 is that automatic bullets and numbering is what happened when you go make changes to those lists I am talking about editing lists or formatting them.

Type this list.

Editing and formatting lists

Above is an example of numbering.

Now make changes in bullets, So type this list for bullets.

 list for bullets

But here I will tell the different ways of changes in bullets.

Select above-created bullets list.

When you select the bullets list.

An option will appear.

From there select bullets see like below image.

 select bullets

and the same thing can be applied on numbering.

First, select entire list of numbering.

After selecting an option will appear.

Select numbering choice.

Creating a multilevel list with styles.

In this article where we have created a couple of lists like numbered lists and bullets also we have applied editing and formatting now time for the multilevel list.

Multilevel can be applied both bullets and also numbered.

For using this commands create bullets or numbered list.

Select one of them and Home Tab.

Click on multilevel.



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