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WordPress Essential Training

Using WordPress Revisions


Using WordPress Revisions. The WordPress revisions tool may come very handy. When you create a post in WordPress. The application will automatically save different versions of that posts and you can use the revisions tool to back in forth in time and compare those different versions recover early versions. If …

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How to Use WordPress Links


How to Use WordPress Links. In this lesson, we will learn how to use WordPress links. The reason for creation and the popularity of the web is the ability to create a hyperlink within or between documents. Creating & Editing WordPress Links. When we use the web today, it is harder …

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How WordPress Works


How WordPress Works? Before we begin working with WordPress, it is important that How WordPress Works. This will make it easier to grasp what happens when we set up WordPress first time and When you create and publish new content in WordPress first time and when you extend WordPress with …

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