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WordPress Featured Images


WordPress Featured Images. In addition to adding, single image, or images, or images gallery, so that content of the post itself, you can also associate a single image with your post. So, that single image can be displayed outside the context of the content itself. These are known as WordPress …

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Using WordPress Revisions


Using WordPress Revisions. The WordPress revisions tool may come very handy. When you create a post in WordPress. The application will automatically save different versions of that posts and you can use the revisions tool to back in forth in time and compare those different versions recover early versions. If …

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How Google Keywords Work.


How Google Keywords Work. So, before we jump speaking about building our first campaign, I want to talk about Google keywords. The popular of your advertising will use keywords as the main technique for appealing customers. Keywords or Google keywords are called words or phrases and are used to match …

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Setting up Google Ads Account.


 Google Ads Account. To start advertising with Google Ads, you’ll need to create Google Ads Account before staring I want to clear that Google AdWords account and Google Ads Account are the same things. So, the first step is to Type  in your web browser and you can simply …

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