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Using Best Windows 10 Apps.

 Using Best Windows 10 Apps.

In this article, we will learn Using best windows 10 Apps, where I have discussed followings topics.

best windows 10 Apps

  • Maps.
  • Photos.
  • Weather.
  • Music.
  • Notifications.
  • Mail.
  • Calendar.
  • People.

There are a lot best windows 10 Apps. It is good idea to learn how some of these best windows 10 Apps work specifically in this windows operating system.


Here in this article we will talk about map. That comes with best windows 10 Apps.

Most modern computer in tablets to identify actual physical location and based on location they get from Wi-Fi connection works to connected to Clearly this is very useful in maps application.




Maps options

Maps more options


Windows 10 has an application for storing organizing and editing photos. This application is simply called photos .

 photo app

 picture options

source of images

 picute icon

The way select the images.

The way select the images.

the way select the images. 2


Let’s take a look at the weather application in windows 10.


 Weather layout


Windows 10 comes with the couple of application that you can use with manage your music, movie, and TV show library the application to organize that listen a music is called groove music and in the application for movies and TV shows is simple called movies and TV shows these two applications are very similar.

Let’s take a look both.

Starting with Groove music.


 Music options

Music groove


This article also tells about notifications. Which are little alert which popup on screen time to time notifications allow to applications to communicate with you notifications might let you know that it is time for one of your calendar appointments or there  you receive a new email massage but a lot of different applications can generate notification and in some points may want to disable certain notifications because they might get unknowing and unnecessary there are two places where you see notifications when you first receive notification in might look like this.


So, any notification that requires your immediate attentions will pop up on screen this is called a banner.




 Notifications and actions

 show Notifications

Working with mail, people, Calendar windows 10.

Account Setup.

Learning about Account Setup is very essential for every windows user. So in this article we also learn and focus on Account setup.


There are a lot of applications. You can use to send and receive emails. Outlook which is part of Microsoft suite one great options but if you do not have Microsoft office if you want to use a very simple streamline tool than the mail applications comes with windows 10 might be great option.

Specifically Email account. In fact, mail application will not work at all unless it is connected with to online account this can be your Microsoft account or some others email accounts .

Start with Launch Mail Application.



 Mail account

 mail inbox

 Mail with outlook

 new mail

 sending mail option

It is like other email application.



 account settings

 gmail account

 gmail inbox

gmail others options

mail settings

mail settings layout


The calendar application is very important tool for the day work so dive in and take a look.

Click on start button.


Calendar layout

New Event.

New Event


The people app is also known as the address book is one of the simplest bundle of the application in windows 10.

But it’s quite valuable actually you use along with mail app.

Click on start button.

Launch the People App.


People layout

This app like to address book.

People settings



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