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Choosing Best HTML Editors.

In this article, you will know about Best HTML Editors. Before starting HTML, you must have HTML Editor, where you can insert the coding of HTML and you also must have Web Browsers


Because a word Processor is not a text editor and HTML editor is not a text editor. So, a good editor can help speed up the process of writing and editing code!

best html editors

Authoring HTML really requires little more than just HTML Editors. HTML document really nothing more than text files .html or .htm extensions.

However authoring websites requires HTML, CSS, and JavaScript writing by can be very time to consume.

A good code editor can help speed up the process of writing and editing code!

Best HTML editors that can at least.

  • Display line numbers.
  • Have options for formatting code.
  • Highlight syntax.
  • Support the languages you code.

If you are brand new to web development and have not picked a tool yet. I recommended several tools are available.

If you’ve never used a code editor before download several and try them out to see which features you are most comfortable with.

Choosing a code editor.

However authoring websites can be a tedious process and you are going to be creating multiple languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so writing by hand it is very time-consuming.

Choosing Best HTML Editors, Consider followings.


  • HTML editors can range from free to thousands of dollars.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Do you work best visually or do you prefer working with code?

Workflow tendencies.

  • Do you prefer an integrated suite or a series of stand-alone applications?

Ease of Use.

  • How easy is it for new users to adopt?
  • It’s not a bad idea to start with a basic code editor and move to a more full-featured one once you’re comfortable writing code.


  • code editors should be fast and responsive.
  • Multilingual support is also important.
  • Some editors feature syntax error highlighting.
  • Code snippets will let you save and reuse blocks of code.

Features to compare.

  • A quality editor will have syntax highlighting line numbering, auto-complete, and find and replace functions.
  • Multilingual support is also important.
  • Some editors feature syntax error highlighting.
  • Code snippets will let you save and reuse blocks of code.


  • Code editors can be found in a wide array of price points.
  • Open source editors are free but aren’t always as polished as their commercial completion.
  • Low-cost commercial editors can be found in the $50-100$ range.
  • More expensive editors typically feature an IDE or are part of a larger software suite.

Finding the Right Editor.

  • To find the editor that’s right for you.
  • Be sure that whatever HTML editors you choose will assist you in writing clean, standard-compliant code.

List of HTML Editors are here:



  • It is Free, Open Source HTML Editor.
  • Mac and PC, and Linux versions available.
  • WYSIWYG(What You See In What You Get) and Code editors.
  • Site management tools & CSS and JavaScript editor.
  • It has Built-in FTP Client.
  • The feature set not quite as powerful as Dreamweaver or Expression.



  • It is used only for Mac.
  • Code-Focused, no WYSIWYG editor.
  • It is Powerful code snippets & code completion features.
  • Code support for over 20 languages.
  • It is a Powerful tool for anyone who does a lot of scripting.
  • Lacks some of the more “design-focused” features of other HTML Editors.

Coffee Cup HTML Editor.

Coffee Cup HTML Editor.

  • It is used only for PC.
  • It has also WYSIWYG and Code Design views.
  • Powerful site management tools.

Microsoft Expressions.

Microsoft Expressions.

  • It is used only for PC.
  • WYSIWYG and code Design views.
  • The feature set rivals Dreamweaver in power.
  • Excellent CSS support.
    It Creates a standards-compliant code.
  • Change the Dreamweaver.
  • Only offers.Net server-side support.



  • It is used only for Mac.
  • Powerful code editing features.
  • Live collaboration for teams.
  • Built-in terminal support.
  • Integrated web-kit preview.
  • Low cost.

Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • It is used both Mac & PC.
  • Industry-standard web editing tool.
  • It is Powerful WYSIWYG and Code Editors.
  • Integration with other Adobe Programs.
  • Robust CSS support and workflow.
  • It Support for multiple scripting languages and FTP client.
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