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Backup WordPress site

Backup WordPress Site.

Backup WordPress site is an important part of data security. Whether it will be your own data, on the computer, or external drive, or on the disk or, in this case, the website is running on the web, it has a proper backup routine in place.


When you run WordPress site, there is a risk always and all the time, something can go to wrong, after all, it is the website or set of files, that is sitting on a server somewhere and that service connected to the database server, and in between all the things are going on.

People are visiting your site, you are creating content, there is chance all the time that something might go wrong, in those cases, having the backup in place, and you will be able to just restore the site to the stable state (where you left it in good standing position).

It also will save a lot of time and a lot of headaches. It happens most of the time.

Nowadays a lot of web hosts, means majority web hosts come with the backup, a standard service when you host site with them.

Even so it is a good idea, set up your own backup routine always, for your own WordPress site, and for that I have created, a separate course,  which is WordPress plugins: backing up your site, (WordPress Backup of Your Site Course.)this is very much mandatory course for anyone who runs WordPress site, if you are interested in backing up your site, so you should check out this course, and come back and continued locking down WordPress. It is Free.

In the course and if you follow the course you will learn to add in backup functionality to your site, towards the end of this course.

 I also show in the course how to restore your site, from backup, if something goes wrong and we get that point if you just starting out, you do not need to follow along, you should watch the course,  see what I am doing, but if you are already in the situation.

Lesson-1 WordPress Security

Lesson-2 WordPress Update.


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