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Background Noise Removal from Video Recording.

In this post, we will know background noise removal from the video recording. At some points we knew record screencast, you can end up with some background noise in your recording that you want to get rid of.

Background Noise Removal from Video Recording

Many of the not fortunate enough to have an own private sound booth can record all over screen record. I mean during the recording we have some room noise or where you are recording screencast there is background noise and want to remove. For removing there is a built-in option in Camtasia Noise Removal.

Now I will warn you. Before trying to remove room or background noise from the recording. Your result will be greatly depending on the specific noise that you want to try to get rid off.

Before began anything like voice removing I always like to copy of my project so, I can always get back. I mean my previous position.

  • Open Project file or Create A New File.
  • Before the preview of the audio clip.
  • Make sure have a good pair of audio headphones plugged in your computer and you just not listening to the computer speaker.
  • Chances are if you just using built-in speakers for your computer you probably you will not able to hear fine differences that will look up the clean up in particular movie also it depends that how good hearing is.
  • You can hear the specific frequencies that trying to remove it.

Let’s go and preview the audio.

You notice in video where voices come from fan and ac or any voice which is available in the room.

Let’s try Background Noise Removal from Video Recording.

Back up your play head at the beginning.

 Audio Effects

Turn On noise Removal Filter.

2 noise removal

  Drag Noise Removal option to Timeline like below image.

Removal option

For checking press play.

Now we have just selected audio that has only room noises.

You can also do more setting from the right-hand side of the screen.

noise removal more options

Let’s ahead to keep our play head at the begin I mean to reverse it.

Check out what noise removal has done.

Most of background room noises already been removed.

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