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Google Analytics Segmentation.

Google Analytics Segmentation

Analytics Segmentation is the key in the first step in any analysis in next several chapters, we will be looking closely how to use individual reports, to understand your traffic, but looking large set of data, is not most useful, fortunately, google analytics, has the opportunity for segments of our data.

1 segment data of Google Analytics Segmentation

Segment lets you isolate and analyze subset, of your analytics data, a segment is really a series of individual filters.

2 segment data filter

That create well defined slides/slices all of your data.

3 segment in detail of Google Analytics Segmentation

You can apply the segment to reports and dashboard so you can see the data, that matches all of your filters, one of the most and common, an example would be, segmenting our visitors, by region, perhaps that break down from country into individual, states.

Analytics Segmentation.

Lets’ say we want to say reports but isolate that traffic to the just particular country way the US this is where segment, become powerful.

 Let’s take a look segment in the real, world.

I am here in google analytics, and I am in location, report, we have been spending some time in this report but it does really great job to model, exactly how segmentation works, so in the view of exploring the location.

I am scrolling down, again we have all counties.

5 ocation segment 2 Google Analytics Segmentation

And any time I can drill into a specific dimension here is the US and now I am being looked of the segment of the particular country where we can see the states.

6 location segment 3

That makes of the country if you would like you can drill in even further so that we can take a segment, of Texas if I select Taxes now I am going to be looking Texas by city.

7 location segment 4

And we can go even deeper, then I select city Dallas as a segment, and select with there, and you see that is the end, the deepest segment.

8 location segment 5

We were able to get to from the US all the ways down, to the city level, at this stage I scroll to top of the page, you can see how we have broken into.

You can see the brad crum just below the report header location we have all country US region Texas city Dallas you have some drop-downs, next each of the options that allow you to select the different segments to view so.

9 brad crum Google Analytics Segmentation

Now let’s say you want to carry this information with you around the site, let’s say for example you are interested new v/s returning user report, but we want to see it, as relates to only those who in say US even more specifically about Texas to do that you are going to need to create a segment.

 If you do that by selecting add segment at the top of any report, view, here you select to add a segment, you see the list of previous that you created.

To create a new one.

10 brad crum 2

11 brad crum 3

I choose the new segment at the upper left-hand corner, and here where we begin to create our segment-first thing first

12 create new segment

Let’s give the segment name, I put here any text example Texas traffic, now we start by demographic tab

This is where you creating your filers, as you answer the questions, right-hand side of this menu, google is going to then summarize for right what percentage of your total, user this is and give you a summary that filter is associated.

13 demographic segment Google Analytics Segmentation

 you see that here, on the left hand side you can toggle between each tab,

14 segment all tabs Google Analytics Segmentation

15 all tabs segement with summary

Let’s start by demographic tab for the location I am going to choose the drop-down label button on it, and pick the country and say the US now you noted that when you, select in the filed, Google is going to give some recommendations

16 create segment

Just so happens you the US is here, I select that from contains, I have the option to decide, what I want to do with, this location, in this case, I want to exactly match.

17 create segment 2

18 create segment 3

Here on the right-hand side, Google is going to show us, the percentage of users.

19 create segment 4

Now earlier talk about drilling in most specifically to Texas to do that, I instead choose, region, exactly matching, Taxes.

20 create segment 5

21 create segment 6

As I type Google is going to confirm, that option is available to us,  I selected now I can see the.

22 create segment 7

 Right-hand side, a summary of this segment, the segment Taxes is percentage  all of our users, l

Let’s choose the save at the top, of the screen.

23 save segment

Now you can see here the upper left-hand corner, the segment is viewed here is Taxes traffic.

24 new and returing users segment

 At any time you use a drop-down arrow, in the segment to remove it or edit it

25 new and returing users segment 2

So, with this segment available.

26 new and returing users segment edit and remove

Let select Behavior report new v/s returning.

You notice here our Taxes traffic segment is still is active.

27 new and returing users segment

The data we are looking for yet here is going to be specific to just the segment So, Taxes 65% are new visitors, and 34% are returning visitors.

28 new and returing users segment 2

Google is going to confirm, that you have a segment available by giving you secondary name here, at the top, of column view.

29 new and returing users segment 3

If we turn off this segment I simply select drop-down and choose the remove.

30 new and returing users segment remove Google Analytics Segmentation

 You now see we are looking at all sessions, and I scroll down, you see these values.

31 new and returing users segment remove 2 Google Analytics Segmentation

32new and returing users segment remove 2 Google Analytics Segmentation

change dramatically and no longer affect the segment we apply.

The main point here, start thinking that how you want to arrange your data, and what things you looking at as you explore each report, think you of getting, even more, detail information by looking at it, at the segment level you want to compare things, like conversations, or events, as they happened in various regions.

Let’s say you notice Taxes is driving a significant amount of your sell, but it is a small percentage, of overall traffic, you might want to think about why they could be and what key take away to configure out that by navigating throughout different reports, with those segments active take some time setup segments. That matches your business’s goal.

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