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Google Analytics Audience Overview.

analytics audience

Google analytics audience overview actually where I like to start my day when I jump into Google Analytics.

The overview is the foot view of what’s going on with various elements of the site as it relates to the time period that you’ve selected.

1 audience overview

You see at the top, we have our data over time.

2 overview audience

In this instance defaulted to sessions, but of course, we could change this to any other metric that we’d like simply by choosing from the drop-down here at the top.

Analytics Audience.

3 overview audince 3

As we scroll down, we can see some mini reports that give us some at a glance information, so I can see my total sessions, my total users, total page views, and so on.

4 overview audience 4

If you like, you can select the chart image then it is going to change the data at the top of the screen to drill into that exact metric. You can see here.

I selected page views and now page views are the metric that’s selected.

On its own, this view is helpful in watching us our traffic trend over time, which could help us find any glaring errors, but this section becomes really powerful when you bring in date comparisons.

5 overview audience 5

So, for example, let’s compare January to the previous month, December.

I’ll select the compare to the previous period option after choosing my date and then select apply.

6 overview audience

Now, one thing I’d like to point out is when you do this and you’re in the day view.

7 overview audince 7

As you hover over, you’re going to notice that the days do not line up.

So, here I have Wednesday, January 8, 2020, compared to Monday, December thatches really isn’t all that useful for me I’d like to compare day today.

8 overview audience 7

So, I’d like to be seeing what a Wednesday of the previous month was doing to a Monday of this month, so you might have to adjust your date ranges to get those to line up.

But in this case, I really just want to look at this monthly, which is going to aggregate everything, and that’s fine for this case.

I’m going to default back to sessions.

9 overview audience 8

Here in the upper left-hand corner, and when you hover over, you can see that Google will show you the per cent change that occurred between December and January for sessions.

As you scroll down, the at a glance views now going to show you percentages, so you’re seeing how things improved from month to month.

10 overview audince 9

I can see that our sessions went up, our users increased, our page views increased, but we also saw an average session duration which might indicate to me that either we have less engaging content or that particular month had some seasonality concerns to pay attention to Another thing I like to look at.

11 overview audience 10

At is our new versus returning visitor view. When a new visitor comes to the site, they’re getting a first impression.

They don’t know you, your products, and they especially don’t know how to navigate your site, so one of the most fundamental types of analysis is to begin sorting out the new versus returning visitor.

You really want to segment out those two groups so you can understand how the site may be performing differently for them with the hope of eventually optimizing it, and to do that, you need to analyze.

You can hover over each of these sections.

12 overview audince 11

New and Returning Visitors from Behavior View.

Here to look at the total number of new and returning visitors, or on the left-hand side in your behavior view.

13 overview audince 12

You can select new versus returning and begin your analysis here, which allows you to get a much deeper look at all of the columns associated with that user type.

14 overview audince 13

So, I’ll take you back to the overview.

Analytics Audience.

15 overview audince 14

What’s great about the overviews it’ll work just like any other report.

You can add in segments to filter the data differently, as well.

As you scroll down the page, you have some options on the left-hand side. In this case, we’ve defaulted to our language and we can see the percentage of sessions that apply to that language.

16 overview audince 15

You can select the country, city, and so on and so forth.

17 overview audince 16

You’ll also notice that our date range comparisons still brought into this view as well, so we can see the percent changes it relates to our various dimensions.

18 overview audince 17

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the overview page and get used to starting your journey here when you begin to crack into reporting on Google Analytics.

I feel like this overview really helps set the tone and my mindset as to what I’m going to start looking for and what I’m going to drill into should I notice any anomalies.

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