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An Introducing of WordPress Classic Editor.

In this lesson, we will learn about the WordPress Classic Editor. When you either create a new post or edit an old one. You are always taken post editor view.

WordPress classic editor

This is typical while you are doing the majority of your work in WordPress like all admin panel views, the WordPress classic editor is consisting of series of panels that served the different functions sorted in two columns, the left column holds the features of directly related to the post contents. the right column holds mainly features that have to do management and metadata the post.

If it is the first time you are opening the WordPress classic editor or already have dismissed that flag at the top corner informing you about the distraction for your writing mode.

Which toggle on and off.

Which is the switch for the right of the toolbar?

So, dismiss that flag.

 image of WordPress classic editor

There are two columns.

  1. Left-hand side, which holds features related to post contents
  2. The right-hand side holds the management of the post.

WordPress classic editor two columns

Dismiss the flag and click on that button, distraction to your writing mode.

 distraction of wordpress classic editor

WordPress classic editor of two columns page

If you activated that feature then your cursor place either in title field or content filed.

The distraction-free mode will be the kick in hiding the admin value or other panels from the content editor’s view to allow you to focus on the content you are writing.

To reveal the hidden items simply, move your mouse cursor, or touch anywhere outside the content editor.

You can also turn on turn off this feature by toggling distraction-free mode again, it depends on the user either he or she on or off that feature. At this point, I am keeping off.

5 distraction on and off

Starting from the top as you see have the title field where you enter the title of the post and when you do. So when you type something inside the title box than you notice WordPress Automatically generate a permalink for us, (you can see at the bottom of the title).

6 permalink of wordpress classic editor

Once a permalink is generated. You can click on edit to change the permalink.

7 edit to change the permalink

8 edit to change the permalink 2

After clicking the save draft or publish. You can also click the view post button it will take you to view the post.

wordpress classic editor view post

We have the content editor this is a WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get”. WYSIWYG is a style of content editor that shows you formatting changes as they are made.

You can write text and add images and other media content and the content editor has a tool that we discuss later on, which allows editing text like word processor application.

The default setting of WordPress you scroll further down see there is no more fields below the content editor.

But if you go to screen options. There are a lot of features that are hidden including an excerpt, discussion, Author, Send Trackback, etc. All appear under the Content editor by default.

10 hidden features of wordperss classic editor

At the right-hand corner. You find the publish panel. Where the status of the post can be changed from draft to publish and we can control the publishing date and time of any post.

11 publish in wordpress classic editor

Next, we have much more aligned format panels. Which allow you to change the type of post you are publishing.

This feature is the theme that depended.

12 format categories and tags

Below post formats, there are two very much important panels.

Category and Tags.

All posts must belong to at least category and all posts can have few or many types of tags. We will go in detail what these are in the next coming lessons.

The last panel at the right-hand corner at the bottom is the featured image. This is the image that we represent posts on index pages and social media. We will talk about this in more detail in the coming lessons.

Before we start working with the post editor panel. Let me first remind you that all the panels you see here with the exception of title and WYSIWYG editor can be collapse and toggle right-hand corner or we reorganized simply click and drag to a different location you also have noticed that screen options can change the layout from one-column layout and 2 column layout. But that does not make sense the screen I am using.

Creating and formatting the content WordPress Classic Editor.

Now it is time to start creating your first post and that process always starts with a title. Anytime you can create a post or page always begins with a title every if you just working title avoid confusing.

 From here forward. I am building my site content ABC company and if you follow along with your own content that way you learn, how to use WordPress context of your own style of contents in finding your own preferred ways the doing thing.

Before I can continue, I am toggle on the distraction-free writing mode only see the title content field and not distract by others stuff happening in our view.

14 formatting toolbar of wordpress classic editor

Next, I start out my title and then I start content in the editor,

15 formatting toolbar of wordpress classic editor 2

Because WordPress performs like a word-processing application,  you can write, edit your post directly in the interface.

if you want to use auto-save features you unlikely lose anything.

If your computer runs on the battery and get disconnected from the web if another hand you like to content other application, either on your computer or online you can do this as well I typically write a short article, how you want to work, it is entirely up to you.

 As I said in the previous lesson, the content editor in WordPress works much like a typical word processing application.

This is because just like a regular word processor, to get your text display where you want, you have to apply to style on it, that’s styling has to work with the medium you work in, which in our case, the web.

Now we have some content, let’s take a look at the available tools in WYSIWYG editor.

By default, the content editor toolbar has only one line tool buttons. But there is the second row of buttons is available if you click the toolbar toggle for right.

 Toolbar Toggle.

16 toobar toggle

As well as I concerned you should also have the row open. (below image) because some of the most important tools found here.

17 toolbar toggle second row

The first button I want to show here on the second row and it is used every time you want to copy-paste contents into WordPress.

Whether it is from the web or document or some else. This button is clicked it means paste as text: text will be pasted as plain text mode means: no formatting will be applied until you toggle of this option. Now I click ok, now I can go to any document if you have created or go any website or some else.

Copy and paste into WordPress with not worry about styling.

18 paste as text

You can copy contents from any application like MS word, word pad, notepad. Specially MS word is the best choice.

But when you copy word contents you have made changes in WordPress

As I said already that if you keep this button off than if you copy any text and paste into WordPress than text will not be plain. But it will come with styles.

Now take a look at other features in the toolbar.

Start from top styling.

B  Bold: emphasized.

I Italic.


Giving the Strikethrough effect.


  • Bullets List
  • Numbered List

Giving Block quote affect.

Horizontal Line: Insert Horizontal Line.

Align Left.

The text will start from left.

Align Center.

The text will start from the centre.

Align Right

The text will start from right.

Link button.

After the alignment button, we have a link button. For creating links, I will talk about it in more detail in the coming lessons.

Insert Read More tag:

This allows us to more tags after the content: I am telling how it works. Suppose I have a page I just normally show my content entirely my post.

Let us say I write here on ABC post. It 200 words long. I want to all 200 words on my current page I that case I place my cursor on somewhere.

Let’s say after the second paragraph and click insert read more tag, now in the current page the user will see the first two paragraphs and there is the link which says click read more.

Then I will click on my link and jump to the individual post get the whole content if you want to add more tags to remove it than you have text view top right-hand corner and remove these brackets. It only way to get rid of this property.

I said to remember it is the second row in the toolbar that matters. Now you see why if we go back to the original article you see that we have content hierarchy we start with the main title, then we have sub-title, and within the subtitle, we have a subtitle.

In WordPress, we can do the same with the paragraph drop down here. Now, this is an interesting thing when you create a post in WordPress the title will always be the heading one level title, we should have always heading one level.

Therefore we create our first heading in a post actually heading two, if I place my cursor on the title, and select heading 2.

The main title of the post is h1.

Then heading 2.

If any heading comes from heading 2 than it should be heading 3. It is important to use the headings structure properly.

Create a hierarchy of content. That means your main headings. It can be heading two.

If you have subheadings under those that will be heading 3  4 and then 5.

Toolbar Toggle.

Paragraph and Headings.

Next, we have (u) the Underline option to give line under the text.

Justify: to keep all lines together of the paragraph.

Text colour: This allows applying colour to the text.

Paste as Text: we have discussed already.

Clear Formatting: if you have applied style on the then you can remove formatting with clear formatting option.

Special Character: to enter the special character into the file.

Decrease Indent: for indention option.

Increase Indent: for indention option.

Undo: go back to the last action.

Redo: go back to last undo the action.

When you click on  Text then HTML coding comes with text.

After completing all than you can see the preview.

This will open the preview of your post, front end, only you can see, and here you can see the content style the way you set them up.

preview of post

The great thing about the preview is this that is a preview that only happening in your browser only you can see it no one can gain the access to this until you publish your post.

As I said the content editor is important and many of the more important features of the content editor toolbar are found in the second row. Now you know how to create your post.

 Next, we also will about link here we escaped it.

Using quick shortcuts to format text in WordPress Classic Editor.

Heading 2

19 Heading 2

Heading 3

20 Heading 3

Bullet List.

21 Bullet List

Bullet List Numbered.

22 Bullet List Numbered


23 Blockquote


24 Win

Exit from blockquote.


25 Bold


26 Italic


27 Underline







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